Nuclear Omnicide – Biotech (album version)

JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: The 2nd track from the upcoming debut album “The Presence of Evil” provided by the Finnish thras…

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7 Responses to Nuclear Omnicide – Biotech (album version)

  1. baukkis says:

    Good shit!

  2. groathorror says:

    fy fan det är javisst… kyrkslät.. FITTAN

  3. TVNuclearOmnicide says:

    Thank you very much! Love your new stuff too, great work! – Kasper

  4. cerwile1 says:

    vanha versio parempi

  5. Insinneratorthrash says:

    Omg I love it.

  6. troybclear says:

    Awesome track; Can’t wait for the LP!!!

  7. Mctallicaful471 says:

    When will the album be released?

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