Number One Book System by Ryan Deiss for Kindle Authors Reopens Online

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) November 26, 2012

Ryan Deiss has sold thousands of books on Amazon’s Kindle platform in the past two years. His Number One Book System launch in August was one of his most successful training program launches to date. The Marketer’s Black Book team have learned that Ryan Deiss has opened his Number One Book System again for sale to the public. A review of the system is now published online to help those that plan to purchase this system get information from marketers that have used it successfully. The review can be found at this link

Amazon created its Kindle platform in 2007 and its KDP publishing solution for authors is helping Amazon to outsell print books online. Ryan Deiss created his Number One Book System to help train authors to learn how to write, publish and promote a Kindle book in less than 48 hours online.

This helpful guide has now been used by thousands of authors that are searching for success with writing e-books online.

The Marketer’s Black Book team was one of the original groups that reviewed and tested information in the Number One Book System during its initial launch in August 2012. The sales strategies that were put to use resulted in thousands of books sold by Marketer’s Black Book.

The new relaunch of the Number One Book System by Ryan Deiss is expected to help more authors get a chance to compete with famous authors online for a share of best selling book sales.

A traditional print book must be printed in large volumes to save money on print and distribution costs according to retail data. Many publishers print offset books compared to digital on demand books due to the lower price per unit. A production run of 3,000 to 5,000 books can yield a publisher a much lower price. The returns that retailers make of print books can reduce the profits earned by authors and publishers.

The Ryan Deiss Number One Book System is helping authors to learn the Kindle platform and promote books easier online. According to information in the training course, Ryan sells thousands of each book that he launches on Amazon’s Kindle platform. The same strategies that Ryan Deiss uses are now given away in his Number One Book System now relaunched for sale online.

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