Number One on Amazon Kindle Naturally with Number One Book System, Says Online Article

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 03, 2012

A book that reaches number one on Amazon Kindle doesnt have to be written by an experienced hard cover author with a major publishing deal, according to a recent article from

Thats because Digital Marketers Number One Book System delivers true to its name. The article said it is an information-filled training program that is helping people tap the potential of Amazon eBooks and showing them how to become a published writer on their own terms.

The Number One Book System is a complete set of guidelines for starting the book writing and publishing process, and it leads people through the paths of Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing. It can literally drive an eBook to the top of Amazon searches, as long as the suggestions and advice is taken seriously, said the article.

But just how simple of a task can that be? asked the article. Digital Marketer fully explains the description and tagging process that can help lead interested readers to the eBooks they most want to read throughout the Number One Book System.

If the search capabilities of Amazon are taken into consideration, and the categorical queries people use to find eBooks are paid attention, then the article said reaching the top of Amazon becomes a lot easier.

In reality, there are a lot of different niches and genres in Amazons Kindle Store, and each one can have its own number one spot. The online article said a high-ranking position, even if its not number one, can have a huge influence on the overall performance of an eBook.

The article drew attention to this Amazon press release from Britain announcing that the number one and number five positions on the UKs Kindle store were held by two independently published authors. They werent big names with years of successful books in their arsenal, said the article, like most would be led to believe. One of the authors was quoted for the story.

This time last year, I hadn’t even started writing Locked In and now I have a number one bestselling book in the Kindle Store, outselling many authors that I have grown up reading, said Kerry Wilkinson in the release. It has been terrific to be able to utilize Amazon’s KDP platform and engage directly with readers.

The Number One Book System is comprised of a six module training system, valuable software that can help format and design an eBook and its cover, and a membership in the Number One Book Club, the community-based cooperative of writers and self-publishers helping each other throughout the Amazon Kindle journey.

The Number One Book Club is centered around an online, social media-type website that includes forums, groups, and countless features to assist self-publishers with every aspect of the eBook process from submission to promotion, said the article.

Before looking into it, becoming a bestselling author on any platform would seem nearly impossible, according to the online article. Instead, eBooks are revolutionizing the way people buy what they read and read what they buy. Anyone can get a book to number one on Amazon Kindle with the right guidance from the Number One Book System, said the article.

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