Numero Uno Web Solutions, a Leading Toronto Internet Marketing Company, Reports on Why Web Sites May Be Failing to Connect with Customers

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) April 18, 2013

Numero Uno Web Solutions (, a fast-growing global Internet marketing firm that caters to small- and mid-size business-to-consumer companies, is reporting on recent data showing why small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) fail to connect with customers.

While the Internet may be the great marketing equalizer, allowing small- and medium-sized businesses to compete with much larger firms, simply having an online presence doesnt guarantee success, according to Numero Uno Web Solutions. Despite paying large sums of money for search engine optimization (SEO), many small- and medium-sized businesses continue to struggle with a limited, ineffective online presence.

Many small- and medium-sized businesses fail to connect with their potential customers because they are either not aware of, or are not taking full advantage of, the proliferation of mobile devices and sharp decline of personal computers and laptops, says Marco Reuter, Business Development Manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions.

According to the recent data, in 2012, 32% of Canadians used mobile devices to access the Internet. Businesses that fail to design sites that operate across different mobile platforms and provide timely information to on-the-go consumers are losing out on traffic and sales, according to Reuter. (Source: European Travel Commission, New Media Trend Watch Canada, Feb. 28, 2013;

Some SMBs direct a significant portion of their budget to SEO; and theyre not getting what they pay for. Incredibly, 60% of SMB web sites are missing either a local or toll-free telephone number on the home page, Reuter observes. In addition, almost 75% of SMB web sites lack an e-mail link on the home page and over 93% are not compatible with mobile devices. What these numbers tell me is that the majority of SMBs are missing out on sales, simply because consumers are unable to find basic contact information. (Source:, press release, 60% of SMB Home Pages Cant Generate Phone Calls Because They Lack a Business Phone Number, According to SMB DigitalScape, March 26, 2012;,-According-to-SMB-DigitalScape.asp.)

According to Numero Uno Web Solutions, Torontos most experienced SEO and SEM company, it understands what it takes to drive traffic, engage with consumers, and turn visitors into customers. SEO is results-oriented; to be successful, content has to be accurate, original, relevant, discoverable, and shareable, and it has to generate sales.

Regardless of budget, the experts at Numero Uno Web Solutions can help SMBs design a web site and marketing campaign that connects seamlessly with local customers. To learn more about Numero Uno Web Solutions, visit the companys web site at

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