Numero Uno Web Solutions, a Toronto-Based Internet Marketing Company, Warns Businesses to Avoid These SEO-Damaging Strategies

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

Numero Uno Web Solutions (, a fast-growing global Internet marketing firm that caters to small- and mid-size business-to-consumer companies, warns firms that using any one of a large number of seemingly popular search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can actually have a negative impact on a sites online ranking.

“SEO is about using proven strategies that make web sites discoverable by search engines like Google. Aside from increasing traffic, SEO is also about creating original content that users want to engage with and share,” says Andy Wu, business development manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions. “Unfortunately, there are a number of SEO marketing companies that continue to use SEO strategies that actually damage their sites online ranking. The survival rate for web sites that dont turn up on the first page of search engines like Google or Yahoo! is pretty bleak.”

Using keywords in online content that best reflect the brand and its products and services is one of the cornerstones of SEO, says Wu. Penguin 2.0, Googles most recent algorithm update, penalizes sites that use unethical SEO techniques, including keyword stuffing. Thats why its important to ensure that online content isnt over-optimized for keyword use, he notes. Smaller firms looking to increase their online ranking also need to review older content to make sure it adheres to different search engines 2013 guidelines.

“Some businesses find it surprising that site speed can impact how well a web site ranks on Google. If a site takes too long to load, ask your online marketing provider if they can speed it up,” Wu adds. “Not only does a site that loads fast rank higher on Google, but it also enhances a users online experience. Online visitors tend to spend more time exploring a site if its fast and user-friendly.”

“Google is also penalizing sites that contain a large number of backlinks that it perceives as being ‘spammy’ or unethical. At the same time, a web site thats using ethical SEO practices could still contain old, outdated links that are hurting its ranking. Reviewing all links could help boost a sites online ranking,” Wu concludes.

The experts at Numero Uno Web Solutions advise smaller companies that want their web sites to rank higher on search engines like Google to hire an online marketing company that not only uses the most up-to-date SEO strategies, but also knows how to find and correct older out-of-date strategies.

Numero Uno Web Solutions is one of the top Internet marketing firms due to constant innovation and overall customer satisfaction. For more information on Numero Uno Web Solutions, and to discover how they can help maximize your companys search engine optimization and online presence, visit or call Numero Uno Web Solutions toll-free at 1-855-SEO-XPRT (1-855-736-9778).

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