Numero Uno Web Solutions, a Toronto-based SEO and Internet Marketing Company, Reveals its Top Local Remarketing Tips to Capitalize on Holiday SEM

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) December 17, 2012

Numero Uno Web Solutions (, a fast-growing global SEO and Internet marketing firm that caters to small and mid-size business-to-consumer companies, reports that, following a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some stores have experienced a drop-off in business. With just one full weekend before Christmas, local online remarketing could be the key to continued success. To help, Numero Uno Web Solutions is offering its top local remarketing SEM (search engine marketing) tips for businesses wanting to capitalize on the holidays.

Remarketing allows online businesses to target people who visited their web site (with or without making a purchase) with more specific ads while they browse other sites.

Last minute shopping doesnt mean what it used to. Thanks to the Internet, online stores are never closed. For many businesses, the December holiday season is the most lucrative time of year, which means its also an important time of year for online marketing and advertising, says Andy Wu, Business Development Manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions.

Adding, For some businesses, this is the time of year to roll out online campaigns to attract new customers. Its also a great time for online businesses to rejig their SEM campaigns and turn previous visitors into repeat customers. To do this, we recommend remarketing.

Visitors may leave a web site without making a purchase, but that doesnt mean they didnt leave a digital trace. Remarketing helps match the right message to the right people while they browse other web sites; and takes online marketing to a whole new level.

In most cases, a business will have a sales conversion rate in the low single digits. This means that the vast majority of visitors will not interact, register, or make a purchaseeven if theyre interested. Remarketing focuses SEM on these individuals in an effort to increase sales, notes Wu.

Here are some of Numero Uno Web Solutions SEM remarketing tips that can help make the final stretch to Christmas a prosperous one.

Marketing campaigns are usually geared toward a target audience. December is the only time of year when people buy products they would never normally consider purchasing. A business should consider adding all site visitors to its target list; this way, one gets both the largest audience possible and the knowledge they are interested in the products offered.

For the December holiday season, a business should add the remarketing code to just its homepage. This is a simple way to target all those who visit a business web site via its homepage. If a business has any exclusions on its remarketing campaigns (age, gender, etc.), it should consider taking them off.

During the holiday season, a business should remarket its products and services to previous customers more quickly than it would during other times of the year. Its best to create a sense of urgency or offer last-minute shipping deals.

Most consumers are not aware of retargeting; the more frequently they encounter a business ads, the larger they perceive the company to be. Create local SEM remarketing campaigns based on regional, national, or global events and holidays, says Wu.

Dont dial remarketing plans back after the holidays. A business should keep its local remarketing SEM campaign in full swing for those people who were disappointed with what they received or want to buy themselves something else.

Aside from garnering a number of new contacts, remarketing a local SEM campaign also allows a business to leverage its holiday customers and continue to advertise to that specific group throughout 2013.

Wu concludes, Numero Uno Web Solutions has successfully launched local SEM remarketing campaigns with excellent results. Weve demonstrated time and again that we can help drive both new and return online customers to small and medium sized businesses. And offers a great return on investment.

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