Numero Uno Web Solutions Releases Statement on Future of Mobile and e-Commerce in Canada and Announces Top Strategies for Making Web Sites Mobile-Ready

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) May 03, 2013

Numero Uno Web Solutions (, a fast-growing global Internet marketing firm that caters to small- and mid-size business-to-consumer companies, releases a statement on a recent survey highlighting the rapid penetration of mobile devices in Canada and announces its top strategies for making web sites mobile ready.

Almost half of all Canadians report using a smartphone, a significant increase over 2012, when 34% of Canadians reported using one. As smartphones and other mobile devices become more prevalent, they will begin to shape overall Internet trends and change the way users interact with the Web. (Source:, report, Canada, Mobile Devices, April 30, 2013;

The highest concentration of mobile phone users is in Ontario, accounting for 41% of the market. In 2012, retail e-commerce reached $ 22.3 billion, a 10% increase over 2011. In just a few short years, mobile devices have become the platform for on-the-go consumers, and those numbers will only continue to grow. (Source:, article, Smartphones Take the Lead in Canada, March 26, 2013.)

Despite the huge impact mobile media has on consumers, most small- and medium-sized businesses spend just 1.5% of their budget on mobile marketing, says Andy Wu, Business Development Manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions. As a result, many small- and medium-sized businesses are missing out on an audience willing to engage with businesses on mobile devices. Not designing sites that are mobile-friendly can also significantly hinder a companys chance at online success.

A full 71% of mobile users expect web sites to load as quickly on their mobile devices as they do on their desktops, so much so that almost 75% of all mobile users will only wait five seconds or less for a web page to load. The impact of disappointed mobile users can be fierce; after a bad mobile experience, 57% of mobile users will not recommend the site and 40% of consumers will go to a competitors site. (Source:, infographic, Mobile Web Disappointing Global Users, 2013.)

What are mobile users looking for? Mobile users want all the information that fits onto their screen, and to find all the information they need in just one or two clicks. They also want big, finger-friendly buttons, and web design that is clean and easy to navigate.

There are a number of steps small- and medium-sized businesses can take to ensure their sites load quickly, are easy to navigate, and are mobile friendly, Wu adds. To help meet the demands of the growing mobile market, businesses need to avoid time-consuming flash animations and pop-ups. They also need to include all the pertinent contact information easily visible on the main page. Mobile web sites need to be easy to navigate and easy to read. If theyre not, consumers will find sites that are.

Numero Uno Web Solutions is one of the top Internet marketing firms due to constant innovation and overall customer satisfaction. For more information on Numero Uno Web Solutions, and to discover how they can help maximize your companys search engine optimization and online presence, visit or call Numero Uno Web Solutions toll-free at 1-855-SEO-XPRT (1-855-736-9778).

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