Numero Uno Web Solutions, the GTAs Premier SEO and SEM Company, Responds to Study Showing Canadians Shifting from Computers to Mobile Devices

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

Numero Uno Web Solutions (, a fast-growing global Internet marketing firm that caters to small- and mid-sized business-to-consumer companies, is responding to a recent study showing Canadian Internet users are migrating from computers to mobile devices. Numero Uno Web Solutions is also weighing in on how changing online habits are affecting smaller Canadian businesses.

Canadians are among the most active online users, spending more than 34 hours online per month in 2013; outpaced only by the U.S. and U.K at around 36 hours, says Dean Pietersen, digital solutions manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions. But with more and more Canadians migrating away from computers to mobile devices, the challenge for Canadian businesses is figuring out how to advertise and communicate in the mobile space.

In 2013, Canadians spent 17% less time online using their personal computers and a 21% decline in the total number of pages viewed from computers. The decrease does not reflect a drop in Internet usage in Canada, but rather a migration away from computers to mobile devices. (Source: Krashinsky, S., How Canadians are using the Internet differently, The Globe and Mail, April 1, 2014;

With roughly 75% of Canadians owning a smartphone or tablet, its not a huge surprise to see that more and more on-the-go Canadians are turning to their mobile devices in search of relevant information, Pietersen adds. To connect with this lucrative market, Canadian businesses need to continually adapt their online advertising strategy and target people where they are.

In 2013, businesses spent $ 13.4 billion on mobile adsroughly 13% of all Internet ad spend and 2.7% of all global ad expenditures. By 2016, that number is expected to soar to $ 45.0 billion, or 28% of online ad investments and 7.6% of total ad spending. (Source: Lunden, I., Internet Ad Spend To Reach $ 121B In 2014, 23% Of $ 537B Total Ad Spend, Ad Tech Boosts Display,, April 7, 2014;

Internet advertising will remain the fastest-growing category for ad spending because online audience continues to grow. Facebook has more than one billion users and will soon pass one billion on mobile, Pietersen observes. Canadian businesses can tap into this growing demographic because online ad technology allows them to control what they advertise and where it gets seen. On top of that, brands can use online data to measure how successful their online marketing efforts are.

Regardless of size, online advertising can help brands become more discoverable on search engines like Google and Yahoo! Thats because search engines dont rank sites based on revenue or size; companies are ranked based on search metrics that take content, quality, and relevancy into consideration. Search engines also take into account keywords, syntax and word order, Pietersen concludes. With a well-optimized online marketing campaign, smaller brands can compete on a level playing field.

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