Nuna’s State-of-the-Art Line of Dutch Baby Gear Takes its First Steps in the United States

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Nuna, a Dutch company known for its unique and exceptional line of baby products, is proud to launch their one-of-a-kind collection in the United States. Blending paramount style with the reality of having kids, Nuna offers intricate yet balanced products that make a statement, all while exceeding standards and expectations as well as accommodating the needs of todays family. After achieving remarkable success throughout Europe, Nuna will be debuting three of their leading baby and childrens products to the United States market.

Providing a modern spin to once very industrial products, the Nuna line is designed to offer innovation, versatility and a touch of simplicity with todays urban parent in mind. As an industry first, the LEAF offers a distinctive avant-garde fa

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