NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Unboxing & Technology Overview Linus Tech Tips

The Titan from NVIDIA’s GTX lineup of video cards is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. I actually wrote a fair amount about it on LinusTechTips.com. Check out the link below: Read more & join our community forum: linustechtips.com Buy it now at NCIX: ncix.com

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18 Responses to NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Unboxing & Technology Overview Linus Tech Tips

  1. dgroxu says:

    What’s with the circle on Linus? Is it something on the camera lense

  2. afaqahmed43 says:

    Who’s the “beast” linus???…LOL@@@

  3. Bob Kan says:

    That baby was doing its own unboxing: Baby: Daddd stopp I’m testing the durability of the fan. Linus: yada yada specs yada yada

  4. cybermessiah says:

    I can see my nvidia stocks go up in the near future thanks to their new technology!

  5. Booze Banner says:

    imagine using 4 of those in SLI….

  6. Gareth Kilgour says:

    i have to wonder….why does nobody care about eliminating electro static discharge?

  7. blindwatch1 says:

    To think that one day that kid will watch this video of his younger self, sees the card, then smile at himself for how weak it was and how impressed we were with it in retrospect. Gotta love progress. :)

  8. Caesario Irfan says:

    I want to be the child …

  9. shinkueagle says:

    Yes sir it is! It was the VERY FIRST truck I bought to start a business and because of it I now have 7 more! :D

  10. GoEatCabbages says:

    Who else saw those Twinkies? 😀

  11. Ian Marais says:

    Damn, you lucky ,mine lags like hell, When I exit Crysis 2 it’s on 100% all the way, battlefield 3 can’t run without the sounds playing over twice and it lags.

  12. DutchClubSounds says:

    @LinusTechTips fucking hell you have a ugly child and stop the bullshit of your personal life that nobody wants too see we want the tech not your stupid personal life

  13. Aleksander Ness says:

    To everyone who wonders why buy this over the 690 well hers your answear. 690 Is the best for singel monitor gaming. Titan is the best for multimonitor gaming.

  14. steven pooley says:

    finally a card that can handle 3, 4k tvs

  15. Mohamad Ansari says:

    why buy it for 1000 dollars if you can a gtx 690 for the same price?

  16. NominalPhoenix says:

    I WANT!!!!!!!!!!! 

  17. kst1224 says:

    Starting at 7:37 weird camera ception

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