NYC iPhone/iPad Boot Camp – Three Day IOS 7 Certificate Intensive Workshop

NYC iPhone/iPad Boot Camp – Three Day IOS 7 Certificate Intensive Workshop
Event on 2013-07-26 09:00:00

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Many developers take this workshop and pay for it later later with the extra income they earn as iPhone developers.


Read the Blog Posting about the iPhone Boot Camp Experience 

If you want to develop apps on the iphone you need this intensive workshop. Don't try this on your own, unless you have a couple of months to spare ” —Craeg K Strong – lead developer, 

The opportunities for iPhone applications developers has never been better. Apple has paid out over 5 billion dollars to developers with App in the iPhone app store. iPhone developers' work-for-hire is the highest paid in the software industry.

The iPhone Boot Camps are arguably the most affordable and experienced iPhone application development workshops. Our rates are often half the price of other workshops and our trainers the most experienced in the field, with apps in the top ten in the iPhone store and/or authors of popular books on iPhone development.

Since 2008 we have trained over 2,000 developers in over sixty workshops in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK . The training range from on-site training sessions for Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, General Motors, Bank of America and 3 and 6 day intensive workshops for developers enrollled from companies and independent software developers.

We are the only iPhone training to offer advanced workshops and a full money back guarantee after the first day of the workshop if you are not completely satisfied with the training – no questions asked. Keep in mind that if you do not have a basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) the workshop will be extremely challenging.

We specialize only in iPhone application development training. No other iPhone workshop has trained as many developers and we've learned a great deal from all our training sessions. Our workshop use proven course materials developed and tested over time and we teach the latest versions of the SDK/Xcode – currently IOS 6. The workshops are all hands small workshops with one-on-one hands on instruction under the supervision of the trainer. 

At the conclusion of the workshop we offer an industry recognized certificate and membership in our vast network of iPhone Boot Camp alumni to further advance your career in iPhone development, including job postings from our alumni and other companies. Frequently after the workshops developers follow up their training with the trainers and partner on developing apps and if we have space available in our other workshops we offer you the opportunity to take the workshop over at no additional cost. 

Our mission is to train you to develop iPhone apps on your own and most developers are able to so after completing the training. In fact iPhone Boot Camp alumni now have apps in the top ten in the Apple store with millions of downloads.

What you will learn? 

Note: This is a general syllabus. Not every feature mentioned will be covered in every workshop. Topics may vary from workshop to workshop and the final syllabus is customized by the individual trainer and by the interests of the developers attending the individual workshops.

Day 1: The Basics 
We start with live coding of the classic simple "Hello World" application to get an overview of the steps and tools involved. You will build your first iPhone Application. Topics include an Introduction to the tools: Mac OS X, Cocoa Touch, XCode, ObjCP rocess: Design in IB, Code in XCode, Build, Debug, Optimize, Building Blocks: Foundation and UIKit Frameworks. Other Frameworks, C LibrariesFoundation Framework: Core Classes, Memory ManagementUIKit Framework: Infrastructure For Implementing Graphical Event Driven Applications,UIKit Framework: Views & Controls, Controllers, UIApplication,Application Basics: Bootstrapping, Delegation, Windows, Views, Build "Hello World" Application, Adding Behavior – Programming and Design Patterns, Objective C Basics: Classes, Message Syntax, Objective C 2.0: Properties, Dot Notation, Design Patterns: Delegation Design Patterns: Target-Action, Design Patterns: Model-View-Controller

Day 2: Intermediate
Expanding User Interface – View Controllers, Navigation, Tab Bars, View Controller Basics, Navigation Controllers, Tab Bar Controllers, Build a Multi-Page ApplicationTable Views, Table View Controllers, Delegation and Data Sources, Custom Table Cells, Build Hierarchical Data Browsing Applications, Data Management with SQLite, SQLite database management, Reading and writing objects from SQLite, Build SQLite Data Browsing TableView Application, Searching Data with SQLite, SQLite queries, Keystroke-by-keystroke searching, Results presentation, Enhance SQLite Data Browsing TableView Application with Searching, core data and location.

Day 3: Advanced
Web Services, Fetching data from remote services, Caching data locally in SQLite, Build Image Search TableView Application, Performance and Progress, Display progress and activity for long running tasks, Thread operations to keep UI responsive, Enhance Image Search TableView Application with threading, Animation and Drawing, Use UIView animation to do flips, slides, fades and resizing, Enhance Image Search TableView Application with splash page animation, Use Core Graphics to draw shapes, Build Random Polygon Application. 

New IOS features include:

–  Wireless updates and wireless syncing through iCloud. 

–  Notification center for prompting users, 

– Newsstand application for newspapers and magazines

– System-wide integration with the social networking service Twitter.

Insstructor schedule subject to change

Instructor: Aferdita Muriqi – Even Months

Aferdita has over 15 years of experience as a Senior Engineer working at many leading global companies including Young & Rubicam GmbH. Aferdita created a mobile lab in 2006 and has led a team of engineers for over a decade.  Aferdita is instrumental in designing, developing and deploying many websites as well as several business, entertainment and utility based mobile apps. She has created mobile frameworks and functionalities of which she has filed patents.  As the CEO & President of ADEV Inc. she leads a global team of mobile designers, engineers and SEO marketing specialists.  ADEV Inc. is an approved Apple, Android, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft development shop.   

Instructor : Mike Rogers  – Odd Months
Mike Rodgers has developed iPhone and iPad applications for clients such as Valspar Paint (CONNECTLive), MARS Petcare (Denture Your Dog) and Kellog's (Kellogg's Amazing Spiderman). He has taught Social Media Marketing, Agile project management and Digital marketing workshops at UConn Stamford and SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground. Mike has over 15 years of experience in creating, developing and managing software development.

What should I bring with me?

  • An Apple computer, laptop or desktop, with an Intel microchip i.e. any Mac made in the past 7 years
  • Latest version of XCode and the iPhone SDK installed on your Macintosh laptop
  • An iPhone or iPod Touch, if you have one (optional)
  • Basic programming knowledge, including object-oriented programming experience, such as Java,, NET, C,  Visual Studio

Why take a workshop when I can read books, attend a lecture watch videos and webinars?

Most people, even those with extensive experience in programming, find the SDK difficult to master. Books and video are great to prepare for a workshop but there  is still no substitute for a small hands on workshop with other developer, where you can ask questions to an experienced instructor looking over your shoulder as you go through the episodes step by step. Basically it saves you month of time and money.

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More Info about the iPhone Boot Camp

To find out more about the iPhone Boot Camp, including videos, a detailed syllabus and detailed info on how to prepare for the workshop visit our main site

To speak with a iPhone Boot Camp representative:  (1) 212-767-9722

Note: Our preferred communication is via email. Emails are usually answered within 24 hours

at SLC Conference Center
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