NYCs Fashion Institute of Technology Puts PipelineFX’s Qube! Through the Paces

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

Free is great until system crashes become more common than polished renders. New Yorks Fashion Institute of Technology learned this lesson the hard way after entrusting its render queue to free render farm management solutions. These systems were unable to provide the reliability required to produce quality animations and images for its students thesis projects, leading the Computer Animation and Interactive Media department to a solution that would: PipelineFXs Qube!.

With a remote server and a linked network of HP workstations, the departments render farm is something of a modest workhorse. They power it up and render out student projects which can be everything from 1-3 minute 3D/handdrawn animations to interactive content and thats it. To achieve this simple, but weighty aim nowadays, the department filters all Softimage-created assets through Qube! as it provides the consistency and world-class tech support they couldnt get with RenderQ or Softimage Batchserve.

As we improved our hardware, we found ourselves needing a better software package to increase the reliability of our render farm, said Eric Kaplan, technical associate at FIT. With Qube!, our staff gets a product that is easier to use and our students get something they can count on during finals week. It was an upgrade that paid off right away.

The added efficiency of a Qube!-managed system freed the department from more than just crashing systems during go-time, it also gave the IT staff back their nights. Hands down, our favorite feature is the ability to remotely manage and track jobs, added Kaplan. We no longer need students or an administrator to stay overnight to watch the output. Qube! does it for us, and if one job fails, Qube! automatically switches it to another server. Its the backbone of the BFA program!

Even for smaller organizations, Qube! can have a big impact, said Richard Lewis, CEO of PipelineFX. Schools, just like studios, want to trust that their software will do what its supposed to do. They can count on Qube!

About Qube! and Smart Farming

Qube! is an intelligent, mature and highly scalable render management solution that can be quickly integrated into any production workflow, and is backed by world-class technical support. Smart Farming delivers intelligence to production pipelines by providing business-critical insight into render pipelines, maximizing investment in rendering infrastructure and automating manual processes. Qube! works out of the box with all leading content creation applications and is truly cross-platform with all software components available on Windows

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