Oaklynn Achieves Ultimate Musician Status with their Euphoric Sound on BEAT100.com

(PRWEB) March 18, 2013

Recently awarded the BEAT100 Ultimate Musician Award, Oaklynn, the Nashville-based indie-synth and pop band, excites BEAT100 users with their euphoric and energetic sound. Providing listeners with a brilliant blend of the bands influences, such as, Hall & Oates, Passion Pit, and The Killers, Oaklynns music proves highly addictive. BEAT100 users flock to the bands first music video posting of original track, Shady Lady, which earned Oaklynn their Ultimate Musician status as well as a Gold Song, Gold Video, and Gold Favorite Award from the BEAT100 A&R Team.

Oaklynn consists of two sets of brothers: Josh (Guitar) and Seth Smith (Drums), as well as Tripp (Bass) and Tate Howell (Vocals). After meeting in college, Tripp and Josh brought the brothers together to play songs that lead-singer, Tate, had written. After a short period of experimenting with music, the band began to evolve to their current electronic pop sound. It was a result of Josh, our guitarist, messing around in GarageBand. We immediately recognized his ability to create really great tunes using programming. We all started getting into electronic music and its developed from there, explained Tate.

The band released their first self-titled EP, Oaklynn, in January 2013, now available on iTunes. The EP took about a year and a half to make and was an absolute rollercoaster, says Tate. This record was about defining our sound. Oaklynn has received extremely positive feedback from the initial album as each track transports listeners to a state of true bliss. From the irresistible release, Shady Lady, with a retro 80s, Hall and Oates vibe, and catchy lyrics, to the energetic groove and vocals in, Everytime and Wild Kids, and the melodic and dreamy synths in, Not Alone, every track on the Oaklynn EP proves a true hit. I knew I was going to play music from the instant I was listening to Bruce Springsteen, Hall and Oates, and Steve Miller at the age of 4 or 5, says Tate. When all of my friends were watching kids TV or listening to Disney radio, I was blasting vintage music and really believing in some of these records. This passion towards music is apparent throughout the bands EP as Oaklynn establish themselves as producers of influential and meaningful music.

Currently hard at work writing a full-length album, with plans to enter the recording studio again soon, Oaklynn continues to perform frequently in the Nashville area. As the band continues to define their sound and captivate listeners, fans anxiously anticipate more music from this talented ensemble. We dont write the music, the music writes us, reads Oaklynns BEAT100 profile page.

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By Dylan JK Vogt

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