Obama forced to the table over shutdown

Obama forced to the table over shutdown
On Monday, top Democratic House leaders, along with 100 other Democrats pledged to hold the District harmless in the event of a shutdown. On Thursday, only 34 Democrats supported a measure to do just that. Gray told the WaPo,“I … Delays still hobble …
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'Microsoft has best global CSR reputation'
Although the top 100 companies all have well developed websites detailing their corporate responsibility initiatives, how many of them do rigorous research to find out how their key stakeholders view these same initiatives?” The Reputation Institute …
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Appreciation: Tom Clancy mastered the techno-thriller
The best of Clancy's novels, including his 1984 debut, The Hunt for Red October, about the defection of the Soviets' most advanced submarine, pulsed along like the latest nuclear-powered sub. OBITUARY: Tom Clancy dies at 66. BY THE NUMBERS: Clancy …
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