Objective C Programming Tutorial – 1 – Setting up Xcode

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13 Responses to Objective C Programming Tutorial – 1 – Setting up Xcode

  1. afroman390utube says:

    I dont mind your face but please upload in at least 720p

  2. afroman390utube says:

    I didnt put the applications disc so I dont have xcode I downloaded it off the mac app store and it is much better

  3. JustGamesDS says:

    Go ahead… watch this video

  4. Mohammed Abdul Mannan says:


  5. lsunny1987 says:

    thank you so much but i dont have a Mac :(

  6. lambch0p100 says:

    Dude you literally have the greatest programming tutorials out there on youtube.

  7. mikelong1994 says:

    Could you in theory use a Virtual Machine to program Objective C while still using a Windows System?

  8. Nico Cvitak says:

    actually Objective-C the language it self can be used on windows, but the useful apis cannot

  9. MrNatesMC says:

    😀 Ty so much

  10. X1N30F says:

    I think he meant what about programming for window users which would be basically all the tutorials bucky previously did.

  11. ThunderBow98 says:

    iMovie (for Mac). If you don’t have a mac and don’t use iMovie, then buying Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas can do the same thing. They are a bit difficult to learn how to use, but if you don’t have iMovie, then this is really the only way (That at least I know of) that can overlay a face cam in the recorded video.

  12. xiay1 says:

    Which virtual machine do you use?

  13. Tosh Thompson says:

    Love ur face in the corner, dude :) ur such personal guy, you make your tutorials very well, explaining everything very well.. U r the man, dude.

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