Obsidia – Android (Dubstep)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Obsidia – Android (Dubstep)

  1. Barack Obama says:

    R.I.P.B. - Rest In Peace Beats

  2. albert doodle says:

    totally awesome!

  3. jc06gsxr600 says:

    Roses r roses violets r violets. I just took a shit and it looks like you..boooom bitch

  4. skullface961 says:


  5. RavingAPD says:

    Why should we go to your channel and watch it, when we just can go to the original video with great quality?

  6. C9BladeMaster says:

    Roses are red Violets are blue This was posted before Shut the fuck up.

  7. Emma haugen says:

    I’ve posted” I still can’t stop ” by Flux Pavilion on my channel. check it out if u want to :DD

  8. TheXeXas says:

    Came for the pic (i so much love this game) stayed for the music (siiiiick tune!)

  9. jredda3q says:

    Roses are red,purple,yellow,and blue. Now shut the fuck up and think of something new!!!!

  10. Logan Bilyk says:

    wanna hear ear torture? bass cannon- Flux Pavillion

  11. robert mongeon says:

    Imagine playing this when you have big ass basss system in your car damn this shit will blow your windows out lol

  12. ILikeHeadshots123 says:

    Heavy with ThC in the Blood :0 <3

  13. lukas Weidinger says:

    Best dupstep

  14. samuel hernandez says:

    roses are red here something new violets are violet not fucking blue

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