Octora.com RSS Feed Search Engine to Compete with Bloglines, Syndic8

(PRWEB) July 5, 2006

A new RSS feed search engine is creating a bit of buzz in the RSS world.

Octora.com has launched a new RSS feed search engine that gives RSS users another great option for discovering RSS feeds.

Even though the company is on a very limited budget and is self funded, it has still managed to churn out some pretty good and in some cases, better results when compared to RSS feed leaders Bloglines and Syndic8.

The website is very simple and to the point. You enter your tag and click search and it displays web feeds with brief feed descriptions and the feed url. On clicking a web feed, a nifty ‘preview’ box appears that displays the feed. From here you can add the feed to a number of popular feed readers out there.

Octora also gives the useful options of a feed url search and a deeper search option.

Octora.com developers are dedicated to producing the best possible experience for the average RSS user and features such as adding personal feedboxes and an item search have been discussed but not implemented publicly as yet.

The Barbados based company is looking for seedling financing that would really help it to grow and produce even higher quality results and a more complete RSS user experience.

Kevin Allman, the chief development engineer can be contacted for more information through http://www.octora.com

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