Odimax announce release of Social Selling Services

Dublin Web Summit 2013 (PRWEB UK) 30 October 2013

There is huge potential for making sales from social media conversation, but businesses are struggling to generate significant sales revenue from it. Odimax use their advanced technology to identify social media sales leads, then their social media engagement team nurture those sales leads from across the social web to the point of sales readiness, before delivering these qualified leads to clients.

The Odimax team only charge for the qualified sales leads when theyre delivered to the client. Businesses can start using the service with no upfront charge, and no monthly fees.

Odimax CEO, Atal Malviya, says: It has been clear for a long time that there is great potential for making sales through social media, but, to-date, nobody has found a formula that really works. We combine the latest technology with the all-important human touch to provide a service that can achieve results. Our experienced team will personally track down the best leads for your business, and build those links that will help your enterprise grow.

Launched in 2011, Odimax has valuable experience in using advanced technologies to help businesses make the most out of social media. It has worked with established and successful companies around the world to refine a service that works for all sorts of businesses, whether theyre large corporates or growing companies.

Their latest offering combines these technologies with team expertise to deliver a managed service that means businesses need not worry about buying subscriptions of different tools or hiring resources to use these tools. Odimax will do the heavy lifting for you and give you qualified leads; you will pay only for the leads delivered to you.

Atal says further – We want to take the risk away from clients, so they only pay when we deliver qualified sales leads. With Odimax there are no upfront fees, no monthly subscription for a tool, and no costs of hiring and training a team to use a tool in-house, so the risk to our clients really is minimal.

Odimax (http://www.odimax.com) offer advanced social sales lead generation services to B2B and B2C companies. To find out more visit their website http://www.odimax.com or contact atal(at)odimax(dot)com.

Company Background:

Odimax Ltd was founded by Atal Malviya in 2011 as a social media analytics company, and graduated from the ignite100 accelerator programme later that year.

Since inception, weve developed advanced natural language processing (text analytics) and intent-analysis technologies to take advantage of the opportunities presented to businesses by the spread of social media.

We do one thing, and we believe we do that best – We combine our innovative technology with the expertise of our social media engagement team to help organisations generate sales from social media.

Founder Bio

Atal Malviya got his first taste of business at the age of 12, and has since worked with some of the worlds biggest database and Enterprise software companies, from Oracle Corporation to SAP Labs and the Tata InfoTech Research Centre at IIT Delhi.

He has a wealth of experience in research and development, as well as social media and digital marketing. He founded Odimax in 2011 to help companies make sense of the opportunities in social media, and generate tangible benefits from their efforts on the social web.

Atal holds an MBA from Ashridge Business School, UK, and a Masters in Computer Science from MITS India.

Contact details

Email: atal(at)odimax(dot)com @atalmalviya @odimax 0044 789 429 2296

Other information, Presspack, Pics, Logos etc. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/50op22lf17urywi/RduCg5vUXu

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