Off Peak Training Provides PMP Certification Training While Allowing LAD Solutions to Handle the Promotion

Reston, VA (PRWEB) September 13, 2012

In tough times, businesses continue to search for ways to stay afloat, requiring them to be innovative and retain their biggest assets: their employees. To do this, many companies have realized the value in providing their staff with project management (PMP) certifications. This is achieved through Off Peak Trainings PMP bootcamp and PMP certification training. To help promote these courses, Off Peak Training has partnered with LAD Solutions to handle the promotions.

PMP certification training is a project management certification for businesses. Many organizations have realized the importance of retaining their top employees. To do this, many send them through PMP bootcamp and training to help keep them up to date on current technologies that can then benefit not only the employee in making their job easier, but also the firm in helping the employee be more effective in their work. Many contracts now require project management certifications, so organizations are now investing in having their people go through this training as a way to earn more business.

PMP exam prep courses enable employees to be completely prepared for the certification exam. These courses typically run only a few days, and once complete, provides long-lasting value to the employee and organization. Throughout the entire training process, Off Peak Training works with organizations to understand their goals and tailor the programs they teach around these goals in order to give each customer better results. All trainings offer a flexible schedule and rescheduling policy so no business ever has to worry about taking their employees out of commission at a bad time just to receive this certification training.

Delivery methods of these courses vary depending on organizational needs. From on-site training and night and weekend training to full week PMP bootcamps, attendees acquire the skills necessary to pass the grueling certification requirements for Project Management and IT Security.

Together with LAD Solutions, a well-respected Los Angeles based Internet marketing firm, Off Peak Training will promote their solution to various businesses around the country. These promotions will highlight the benefit to increasing competitive advantage and arming employees with the tools they need to close more sales and sign more contracts, which will help companies compete in a difficult economy.

About Off Peak Training: Since 2006, Off Peak Training has been working with businesses to provide training in PMP Certification to their customers. Based in Reston, Virginia, Off Peak Training is a PMI Registered Education Provider. They understand the importance of project management certification and work with organizations to determine the goals from obtaining this certification and matching their program to these needs. Their mission is to provide the highest quality and most readily accessible training to busy professionals. Visit their website to learn more about the services they provide.

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