Official Google Maps App for iOS 6 Review and Apple Comparison

Official Google Maps App for iOS 6 Review and Apple Comparison Thanks for watching my iOS Google Maps app Review vs. Apple Maps! Subscribe for more Google Maps versus Apple coverage. This is my new Apple Maps for iOS Review and Comparison video. This new iOS Google Maps application Review highlights numerous aspects of Google’s redesigned and revamped Maps app for iOS 6 and 6.0.1. Also mentioned in the Review video are turn-by-turn Directions, POI or Points of Interest and Google’s Street View Feature. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this Google Map iOS App Review video (please smash that like button if you did). Follow me on Twitter for updates! Like my Facebook page:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Official Google Maps App for iOS 6 Review and Apple Comparison

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  11. Usama Hussain says:

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  12. jachvideos says:

    does google maps has a 3d flyover like? :s

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  16. peroxideburns says:

    well of course they look similar to each other…they’re fucking maps. are all apple fans making these kinda observations?

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  21. TheAdittt says:

    It is called the compass mode in google maps, and it won’t work when you have the orientation locked. It is clear you are a huge apple fan so I get why the video was a little forgiving of the horrible apple maps. But I agree with you the 3D view is amazing, of a handful of cities.

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