Oh S**T, here comes a ROBOT to take my JOB

Oh S**T, here comes a ROBOT to take my JOB
In January, Moshe Vardi, professor of Computational Engineering at Rice University, Texas, suggested that “routinized” jobs will be taken over by robots long before we reach mid-century and that the impact on unskilled human employment could be …
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Nearly 1 in 10 Americans would have sex with a robot
Sex with a robot raises some thorny ethical questions — including whether a married person who hooked up with a robot would be guilty of infidelity. What did the poll find? Forty-two percent of Americans indicated that such a dalliance would …
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Naval Postgraduate School's robots on display at annual event
The Naval Postgraduate School's annual robot showcase on Thursday was more "WALL-E" than "Terminator." Children controlled seafaring robots in a small pool and jumped over reconnaissance scout drones. The Carmel High School robotic team showed …
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