Old map…

Old map…

Image by Matt Seppings
I think this map was from the 1600-1700s…Rich have you’ve got a picture of this church haven’t you?

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6 Responses to Old map…

  1. Richard Whatley pictures says:

    Yes I do have a picture of it; it’s strange to see it with fields around it.

  2. Matt Seppings says:

    Its really cool seeing the old maps of London where there’s fields alllll round it!!!…..you needto go to exhibition mate its great!

  3. Monsignor Klaatu says:

    wow, please place this photo in my group http://www.flickr.com/groups/ancientmaps/ thanks

  4. l.traube says:

    Ciao, sono amministratore di un gruppo chiamato Imago mundi. Ci farebbe piacere aggiungere le tuo foto al gruppo.

  5. Digital Sextant says:

    Thanks for CCing this! I used it to set the mood on a class web page for a week about maps and mapping.

  6. Monsignor Klaatu says:

    what museum or gallery did you take the photo at? what is the actual city the map is describing? there are so many st ann churches

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