Old People and Technology

Because old people and technology shouldn’t mix. Subscribe for a new vid in a week. Or not. I tend to lie sometimes :( But let me know what amazing tech skil…
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  1. NotNicoAgain says:

    A old woman ones yelled at me that I broke her camera because she couldn’t watch any of her photos she had on her sd card… I solved the problem with putting the sd card the right way into the plug-in… and then she was happy like it was the birthday of her grandchild.

  2. Emeraldarmor says:

    My grandmother couldn’t figure out why the tv wouldn’t turn on. So I plugged it in :)

  3. John B says:

    You are so funny. A breath of fresh air. Really glad I found your videos :)

  4. bookcreator says:

    Pressing the power button on the TV. No joke

  5. MikeNPeeGee says:

    You are very funny, you don’t need to resort to profanity. It does not add anything.

  6. mike flynn says:

    I feel much better now, I got my “Nat-Fix” for the week. Hey am I an OLD person? I’m a baby-boomer and Technology is not foreign to me unless it’s all these Smart Phones and their Apps. Hey I was born in the 50s and amazingly I know how to operate a computer so I can view Miss Nat on YouTube! That’s all the Technology that I need. 😉

  7. 589jacksparrow says:

    Were you a teen by 1990-ish? I can totally understand not watching a kids’ show at that point. (My oldest brother was born in the 80s, but he was a teen only by the time the show ended.)

  8. babydoll001994 says:

    How to set up, send, and forward emails -.- ahyayai why can’t old people just google this shit? Because they can’t even get on google. That’s why.

  9. SeriouslyForgetIt says:

    Few weeks ago taught an Administrative Assistant how to create a new folder.

  10. bluedog119977 says:

    R.I.P Nattily She taps shit on her face. She is dead :'( Buts still a funny video, like always.

  11. jmriviere says:

    spent 3 minutes watching that crazy chinese girl talking with herself to see the funny comments at the end – worth it!

  12. Whizzer Baker says:

    Switched the TV channels for my mum, hardcore I know

  13. Chesterthesocklover says:

    I-I still say forcereal. I’ve lost control of my life (. _ .)

  14. safiercherismew says:

    I had to make a list of smileys on facebook for my grandma. :-) 😀 <3 fashioned.

  15. xwolfsteller says:

    connected a mac to a tv once for my mom and she is only 50

  16. Declan Downey says:

    It’s all well and good talking about how easily impressed they are, but nothing will compare to the horrors of watching something with your mum and/or gran when she decides, at the pivotal moment of the movie, to “higher up” the volume and she either changes the bloody channel or hits a random button that brings us to this weird tele-text page that we never even knew we had D:<

  17. barrettfb says:

    dropped the F bomb a lot in this one, didn’t you Nat?

  18. Megan Alice Rainey says:


  19. Kevin Sebastian says:

    Why did I get so upset that the speaker button is on the other side?

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