Old People and Technology

Because old people and technology shouldn’t mix. Subscribe for a new vid in a week. Or not. I tend to lie sometimes 🙁 But let me know what amazing tech skil…
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19 thoughts on “Old People and Technology

  1. A old woman ones yelled at me that I broke her camera because she couldn’t watch any of her photos she had on her sd card… I solved the problem with putting the sd card the right way into the plug-in… and then she was happy like it was the birthday of her grandchild.

  2. I feel much better now, I got my “Nat-Fix” for the week. Hey am I an OLD person? I’m a baby-boomer and Technology is not foreign to me unless it’s all these Smart Phones and their Apps. Hey I was born in the 50s and amazingly I know how to operate a computer so I can view Miss Nat on YouTube! That’s all the Technology that I need. 😉

  3. Were you a teen by 1990-ish? I can totally understand not watching a kids’ show at that point. (My oldest brother was born in the 80s, but he was a teen only by the time the show ended.)

  4. How to set up, send, and forward emails -.- ahyayai why can’t old people just google this shit? Because they can’t even get on google. That’s why.

  5. It’s all well and good talking about how easily impressed they are, but nothing will compare to the horrors of watching something with your mum and/or gran when she decides, at the pivotal moment of the movie, to “higher up” the volume and she either changes the bloody channel or hits a random button that brings us to this weird tele-text page that we never even knew we had D:<

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