Old School New Body: Review Examining Steve and Becky Holman’s F4X Anti-Aging System Released By DietsAndFitnessGuides.com

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) December 02, 2012

“Old School New Body has quickly become the most popular fitness training program for adults over 35, who still want to look and feel young and healthy,” reports DietsAndFitnessGuides.com’s Vince Delmonico. “As a guy who has passed the 35 year age marker myself, I must say I was eager to review this course and see if I can indeed make it look like I am ‘aging in reverse’.”

The Old School New Body Program was developed by Steve Holman, editor of Ironman Magazine and his wife Becky. The Holmans who are both over fifty, but by all accounts look years younger, credit their youthful appearances to a wealth of anti-aging wisdom they picked up training and working with the world’s leading anti-aging fitness experts. The program which is available digitally online emphasizes brief workouts, using “old school” training methods most “new age” trainers don’t know about.

Delmonico explains Old School New Body’s explosive surge in popularity:

“Most folks looking to get in shape have already tried all of the new age fad diets and training programs, and in most cases the have been woefully disappointed in the results that they have achieved,” says Delmonico. “In Old School New Body the Holman’s explain that all those long, grueling workouts that we’ve all been told are so good for us will actually speed up the aging process and flood our bodies with dangerous free-radicals. I think a lot of people are relieved to here that working out like that for long hours each week really isn’t necessary, and should be avoided.”

The Holman’s patented workout protocol is called F4X which stands for Focus 4 Exercise. The system which takes a unique approach by combining specific movements, has already been used successfully by thousands of men and women worldwide.

“One of my favorite things about the Old School New Body program is it’s almost elegant simplicity,” says Delmonico. “The F4X Protocol has three distinct phases that you move through as you shape your body into exactly what you want it to be. Because, the Holman’s designed this for everyday people, you don’t need to be a die hard fitness nut like me to understand how it works and to get started. Really, this program is suitable for people of any age, men and women who want to get leaner, fitter, and more youthful looking.”

In addition to the Old School New Body Handbook, customers receive a F4X Quick Start Workout Guide (a condensed version which allows users to get started in minutes without needing to read through the entire program), reports on fat burning, natural anabolics, sex and attraction boosters, health and happiness secrets, and over $ 175 in free motivational and instructional audio interviews.

Those wishing to purchase Old School New Body, or for more information, click here.

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