Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers proposes to Annie Chandler at Missouri Grand Prix.

Olympian Matt Grevers proposes to his girlfriend, fellow US National Teamer Annie Chandler, at the 2012 Missouri Grand Prix. She said yes!
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22 Responses to Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers proposes to Annie Chandler at Missouri Grand Prix.

  1. TheAXA1996 says:

    One day when some guy purposes to me, I hope it’s done like that!!!!

  2. bluestarsims12 says:

    woa… crazy lmao

  3. rythmalj says:

    haha….look at the other girls faces..dey were lyk..”shit !! wish i was her”..:D:D

  4. michkay1 says:

    So sweet! She’s a lucky lady!

  5. stevepan007 says:

    No the girlfriend looked back and did the smile to remind him to smile for the cameras…look at the video again and you will see after she does that he smiles for the camera

  6. toushirou31 says:

    wats the background music @1:32? thanks

  7. harrycastle1 says:

    God! What a brilliant way to do it!!

  8. MrSwimmingmango says:

    EPIC !! 

  9. yoosoon333 says:

    GOOD !!!

  10. MsCheddarBear says:

    That has to be the most beautiful male back I have ever laid eyes on, GOOD GRIEF!

  11. captainz33 says:

    haha why do women hold there months went something like that happens

  12. boconn07 says:

    northwestern university

  13. takingcenterstage says:

    I’m so jealous 

  14. prozachary says:

    0:17 that’s an “I wanna marry this guy” face

  15. Salman Khan says:

    love for all non for hatters

  16. warner cubero says:

    thats sooo cute!!! 

  17. tubby92288 says:

    the gold and the girl. what a guy haha

  18. JohnFPoirier says:

    Why do women cover their mouth when they are emotional or surprised!!?? Bizarre!!!!

  19. Xiahnji Kim says:

    Awwww que lindos aunq ni siquiera sé quienes son… lol Ojalá su amor sea para siempre

  20. stayfly123 says:

    so sweet

  21. richboy12 says:

    Nice and classy. Swaagggg!!!!

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