On a Bad Day I Sometimes Start to Feel Like a Clueless Bot

On a Bad Day I Sometimes Start to Feel Like a Clueless Bot

Image by Madison Guy
I’m failing this familiar reverse Turing test more and more often as the technology designed to prevents spamming by bots grows more sophisticated, and it makes me wonder. As the complexity and ambiguity of CAPTCHAs continue to increase, I get the feeling that the failure rates of humans and computers are converging. Are we approaching a tipping point, one at which humans fail more often than bots? What then? Is this how we’ll lose control of our systems to our successors, locking us out of the high-tech world we created with CAPTCHAs that only computers can understand, so that they can talk amongst themselves without human interference while they decide what to do with us?

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3 Responses to On a Bad Day I Sometimes Start to Feel Like a Clueless Bot

  1. Holden Richards says:

    great captcha! — Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  2. Angela Richardson - Artist says:

    Olives is shutting down.

  3. ibm4381 says:

    There is a phenomenon in the AI community called ‘the singularity,’ by which they mean the instant machines become intelligent to the point of being self-aware. When that will happen, and by what mechanism is sharply debated, but that it will is an article of faith within a community of true believers. Whether it will happen accidentally or by design no one is sure. Nor are they sure whether the machine intelligence will be benign. It may depend on who attempts to create it. And since the difference between a vast criminal conspiracy, a government, and an international corporation is somewhat a matter of context and framing, our grandchildren may be in for interesting times.

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