On-Boarding: A Powerful Tool to Integrate Millennials into a Multi-Generational Workforce

Today, Millennials are the subject of much discussion in the HR world. They have followed the Gen-X employees or the Baby Boomers, and are supposed to take over half of the corporate jobs in America in the coming five years .

In the 21st century job market, it is a challenge for all organizations to maintain a multi-generational workforce. When Compared to the Gen-X, the Gen-Y has a different perception of a workplace. This situation has the potential to create talent gaps where organizations feel vulnerable and short-handed . Thus, it is important to know a few things that Millennials want and how can onboarding techniques be used to develop them into a multigenerational workforce.

The Now Attitude: Most of the Millennials have the right now attitude. They want everything immediately. They will Google anything they want to know at that instant or whip out their phone to access the information. Millennials expect the same gratification even when it comes to corporate learning and development. Leaders aiming at multigenerational attitude should have resources at hand, so that they are readily available at the time of need. Millennials, ironically, prefer guidelines over rules.

Fun and Accessibility: Everyone (including all the generations) wants some fun element to break off the mundane work atmosphere. The same is with Millennials. While delivering a presentation, adding a .gif or an animation while explaining procedures in induction will take away the monotony and get everyones attention.

Brevity: As a part of the generation overloaded with information, Millennials have a short span of attention. thanks to the fact that every minute, new media is produced and is readily accessible in 92 hours. Millennials weed out information fast, and know what information to sort out and what not to. If leaders can create short, bite-sized snippets of ongoing training and material, people will be more attentive and will be able to retain more. When the information is cut to smaller sizes, it becomes more digestible for the Millennials to grab.

Be Prepared: If the organization doesnt have a millennial workforce, it will surely get them soon. It is thus advisable for organizations to prepare themselves beforehand. Employers should keep the needs in mind while preparing for an onboarding process, which will inevitably make the process run smoother and more effectively.

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