On Intelligence with Jeff Hawkins – Conversations with History

Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Jeff Hawkins, founder of both Palm Computing and Handspring and creator of the Redwoo…

7 thoughts on “On Intelligence with Jeff Hawkins – Conversations with History

  1. Harry Kreisler : I think you asked really interesting questions, I found them very well placed . It was delight to hear this conversation.

  2. 56:36 As a visual artist myself I must confirm what he says. Painting/drawing/imagining new things always seems to require having library of previously experienced things and bashing them together semi-randomly and then grabbing combination that we like most. most of our methods have enormously striking similarities to evolution. You generate xx of random ideas/lines/strokes… and look for things that looks familiar but in unfamiliar way.

  3. interesting information ! the intelligence comes from gift of entities , indeed . we would be intelligent , but we couldn’t get it as we will because we haven’t any gift from our entities .

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