One Direction interview with Yahoo 2014

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to One Direction interview with Yahoo 2014

  1. DEB TOMLINSON says:

    Can we please talk about Louis’ cheekbones, lips, eyes, hair and voice please 

  2. rachelpinkrox says:

    I don’t understand why every interviewer seems to only single out Harry. He may be the most famous member, but I would think they would need to be less obvious about it.

  3. Andrea Torres says:

    omfg, I can’t believe how rude they were.

  4. beth green says:

    wow louis and liam have no manners. zayn is just as rude.

  5. stuti ghimire says:

    WTH?? Liam and Louis needed to shut up. They didn’t pay attention to the interviewer at all. 

  6. Jess Stylinson says:

    and she’s just a harry het girl , who cares if they were talking over her , she only wanted to talk to harry anyways !!

  7. Bianca Peter says:

    Liam has become so pretentious now. Look at the way he’s sat at 4:38 and him and Louis keep carrying on a conversation during the interview. It’s really rude. I haven’t follwed 1D, but i don’t remember him being like that during his xfactor days

  8. roxy viera says:

    They were being there normal self.

  9. Luis Gabriel says:

    Zayn, I’m telling you this because I love you…. Cut your hair…

  10. Rozie Roze says:

    Lets all play “take-a-shot-every-time-Harry-fonds-over-his-spouse” (PS: you’ll end up drunk af). Never knew how much I needed to hear Harry say his baby’s full name & hear Louis say: “I am a filthy boy.”

  11. MrNesscity says:

    Dear boys next time do an interview out in the sun, on the grass. Why always in the dark?

  12. sarswars says:

    “remember that… alright then nvm…” lol i love liam omg.

  13. Gen Luvsmile says:

    interviewer : *interviewing* *asking* one direction : *flipping da pages* ONE DIRECTION EVERYONE

  14. Emma Santee says:

    Hahaha they ignore her so much.

  15. Nene says:

    they were all being rude, but she was asking Harry BC he was the only one tht was listening to her

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