One Direction – Kiss You (Official)

One Direction - Kiss You (Official)

Music video by One Direction performing Kiss You. (C) 2013 Simco Limited under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited #VEVOCertified on Mar…

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21 Responses to One Direction – Kiss You (Official)

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  2. Ellie Somebodi says:

    C’mon… Just a little longer! NO NO NO NO! FUCK YOU SHOWER CURTAIN. FUCK. YOU.

  3. Calvin n says:

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  4. Sarah Dinetz says:

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  5. mexicana4rizal says:

    Baby be mine 2night

  6. 1987chavezramiro says:

    yeah fuckin luv it shure ha ha ha

  7. Carolina Escobar says:

    Niall Zayn and Louis are sexy as fuck <3

  8. Poison ivy says:

    LOL Harry

  9. madison marcotte says:

    niall i love u sooi much and ill never stop❤

  10. lidia garcia says:

    Amo está cancion

  11. Adam Whitney says:

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  12. EuRoPeAnLaDy8368 says:

    Send me a booty shout-out. I’d like to fuck immediately.

  13. wigglesaa says:

    I love you Zany silly videos by one directions again what’s up

  14. jesus puntos says:

    I love zang harry Liam there hot

  15. jesus puntos says:

    I love there song

  16. XBriannaX96 says:

    setzuco prince ur a liar I went to it and it just took me to some of thier douche!

  17. loishotbuns says:

    i love 1D <33

  18. sara armstrong says:

    girl plz

  19. rayne barriga says:

    zayn harry there so cute i love them so much!!!

  20. Sam Arseneau says:

    Shut up there mine bitch

  21. Nanami Momozono says:

    i love you zayn!

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