24 Replies to “One Life-Changing Class You Never Took: Alexa von Tobel at TEDxWallStreet”

  1. I may not believe in the “trickle-down model” at least as you picture it. But I do know for a fact that every dollar an employer sends to the government is a dollar he CANNOT invest in better working conditions tools and pay for his employees. And that is a fact. APPLE is (arguably) doing fine because Steve Jobs invested countless hours and much wealth to build something that would outlast him. Believe it or not, that is the goal of many entrepreneurs. Not just getting their name on a bridge

  2. By “Everywhere” I meant everywhere OUTSIDE the banks. I figured that was easily understood. You seem to have Scrooge McDuck idea of wealthy people. That they just sit around in top hats and count their money all day and never lift a finger to work. You should read “The Millionaire Next Door” Or better yet, go out and meet some wealthy people. They like to have their money working for them, and one of the ways that happens is by investing it in people that show potential and have good ideas.

  3. Government is the LEAST efficient way to invest money. You are better off betting on the ponies. If you think I am wrong, Send a hundred bucks to the Federal government and see how much they send you back in return. Go buy some Savings bonds. In about 50 years you should see your money double. A good business will double your money in seven. Remember, Government allows Big Corp to flourish. Because Big Biz and Big Gov’t cannot survive without one another. You want big Gov’t? You get Big Biz.

  4. You take a thin slice out of small part of what I said and then make the claim that,”Pretty much everything you have said is wrong.” Slick. Did your profs teach you that? Relatively few employees buy stock in their Company. I can say that because the majority of employees work for private companies. And an employee that buy stock still doesn’t have a say in running that company. If a union drives that company out of business that employee lose his investment just as if the CEO was an embezzler.

  5. Money everywhere? Try nowhere. >90% of money produced is interest accrued. 1s and 0s as part of a program. I’d like to see everyone go to the bank and try to withdraw all their money tomorrow. Economy collapsed. We get around this by transfering 1s and 0s between accounts. How many people do you know that only handle real cash? Who doesn’t use a debit/credit/EBT card? Most money today is virtual, capitalism has propped up an impossible economy on a currency that does not fully exist in reality.

  6. Have you looked into communism? You’ve already got the idea that the workers are the company. That’s half of communism right there. Workers are the means of production and these days the results/profit of production going to workers is less and less while those fat execs/owners/stockjockies receive all the profit for doing little/none of the work. Communism says the only thing mankind owns is that which mankind produces. We don’t own land, we don’t own factories. We own the products of our work.

  7. Workers have no stake in its success; wrong, bad employees can cause a company to fail, good employees can cause a company to grow and do well. No risk in it’s failure? What a joke, do you know how many employees invest in their company’s stock? If the company fails these employees have lost not only their jobs but their investments as well. Pretty much everything you have said is wrong.

  8. “Employees are the product of a company”… I bet you believe in the trickle-down model too… Workers ARE the company, this is the fundamental basis of communism; one could argue that this is scientifically proven. That you do not believe this simple concept is a byproduct of capitalism. The fact that workers are replaceable does not negate the fact that without workers there is no company. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Steve Jobs is dead, Apple is still doing fine.

  9. Again, That is not what I said. You gain nothing by putting words in my (post). I said they are REPLACEABLE. Not DISPOSABLE. Big difference. And there is no money Tree. But there are three main ways to build wealth. Rentals, Real Estate and Investing in businesses. So there is money out there IF you have a good idea and a track record. I guess college has stolen your vision. Shame. You seem like a smart person. And I have been self employed for years. I’m not rich, but I get by.

  10. More like saying that the components of a computer aren’t the software that runs it. If you honestly believe that the majority of people and their work are nothing but disposable commodities for the profit of one person, I really hope that you never, ever own a company. Good luck finding that money tree. I hope you find success working for yourself.

  11. Sorry Alexia, saying that an employee IS the company is like saying a printer IS the computer. Useful and important. Yes. But easily replaceable. Plug and Play. Without Steve Jobs, there is no APPLE, no matter how many employees gather in a building. Employees are the product of a company. They are not there when that company is being created and they have no stake in it’s success. Nor risk in it’s failure. There is money everywhere. Ppl that have don’t just store it in a closet. They invest it.

  12. It is an investment, because their productivity is what makes the company profitable, but they don’t get a fair return on their contribution. They ARE the company. If they want to start their own business, they can’t do that without money. Where is the money supposed to come from, when wages are so low in comparison to profits? This is honestly starting to sound like “Why don’t poor people just buy more money?”

  13. Working for a wage is not an investment. Your argument is invalid. “If the company fails, they lose their job.” And then they draw unemployment for 99 weeks. (Paid for by insurance paid by the employer) Did you know that every dime you pay in taxes is matched by the employer? That is a hidden tax on workers from the gov’t. Worker’s Comp, Unemployment Insurance. SSI. That’s where the worker’s pay is going. Just wait for ObamaCare. Why do you think he’s delaying it til after the next election?

  14. Yes, every worker DOES invest time – they work! Often just as long, if not longer, as the company owners, and for less pay. The money they invest in the company is the productivity above and beyond their compensation. If the company fails, they lose their job. If it succeeds, they gain nothing. This “risk” you refer to is only possible with money, and workers have nowhere to get it.

  15. Truth is objective. It doesn’t show preference to a party. A party shows preference to truth. (or does not.) You say, “Every worker owns a share in their company’s profits…” OK. Does every worker also invest time and money into that company? and share in it’s losses too? Because that is part of creating and running a business. the owner takes the risks and so is entitled to the rewards. Most Employees don’t take risks. That’s why they are employees.

  16. You need to go back re read my posts. That’s not what I said. You are adding your own bias to what I said. And consider what Alexa says at 9:00 about how a person should negotiate their own salary. Do you want to know WHY schools don’t teach that? Because a person that can negotiate their own salary doesn’t need a union. Also her 5 decisions at 3:30. There is a lot to learn from this video if you are open minded enough to actually listen and follow what she says instead of trying to find fault.

  17. The most important thing I’ve learned in life is that people who live below their means almost never have money problems and people who live above thier means almost always have money problems.

  18. What you say is true to a degree, but you know the saying, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. Open an online brokerage account and learn how to invest. Start a 401k and put as much money as you can into it. If you have an extra room, rent it out. If you have a car, carpool, ride a bike, take the bus. Most of all, watch your spending. If you budget $10 a day for food and bev instead of $30, you’ll have saved $7300.00 after just one year.

  19. What opportunity? You said yourself, college is next to meaningless now. That was supposed to be the ticket to “opportunity.” Now, wages are so low for anyone who doesn’t own a business that starting their own is impossible without a massive loan (which they can’t get, because they’re not rich) or a rich investor who will control the company. Where is the “opportunity” in that? Actually, “we the people” are too busy working to realize how little opportunity is left for the not-rich.

  20. Your partisan remarks are unfounded and show bias, not reason. Left, right, doesn’t matter; what matters is the removal of financial incentive from politics and regulation, including unions. Or, here’s a shocking idea – how about people are paid in accordance to their actual contribution, not the whim of a self-serving “job creator”? Every worker owns a share in their company’s profits, proportionate to their productivity and seniority? Anything else is just feudalism with a factory.

  21. Liberals don’t have a monopoly on “reform”. Conservatives have been trying to reform the education system for 40 years. (School vouchers anyone?) We tried reforming the mortgage system, but Leftists yelled “FANNIE AND FREDDIE ARE FINE!” then the housing market collapsed and bankers were blamed. We have been trying to reform the health care system through competition (The best “Stimulus” around} and instead we get Obamacare shoved down our throats and the poor will be supporting the rich.

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