OneIMS Launches Custom Chat Solutions: OneIMS Chat

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 27, 2013

Dispelling any notions that web communication lacks the personal touch of a phone call, Chicago website marketing company OneIMS has recently launched a series of online chat solutions for businesses. Using live agents to provide a human connection, these customized online chat programs give businesses the ability to actively reach out to their customers 24 hours a day.

As an Internet marketing agency, OneIMS specializes in building and marketing professional websites for businesses across industries. To supplement the well-documented and exponentially increasing value of traditional Internet marketing, the company has recently made available a series of interactive chat programs that can be implemented on existing websites. These chat clients allow visitors to directly connect with live agents, who can field questions and offer solutions. “Our live chat solutions recreate the personal connection that customers get from making a phone call,” said Solomon Thimothy, CEO of OneIMS. “By giving a website’s visitors live agents to talk to, we’re able to make the online experience more personal and help businesses forge lasting relationships with their customers.”

The chat services, which offer varying degrees of agent availability and functions that range from basic to premium, give a website’s visitors quick access to the information they need. Thimothy explains that the personal connection behind his company’s chat programs provides a level of humanity that is frequently missing on the web. “Today’s consumer needs personalized solutions, and they don’t always have the time or ability to call someone on the phone,” he explained. “By allowing them to quickly chat with a live agent, they can get the experience they want, with no strings attached.”

OneIMS currently offers a variety of pricing options for its live chat programs, which it has already started implementing for existing clients. If early evidence of the programs’ success is any indication, they could represent a long-term trend toward the personalization of the Internet marketing industry.

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About OneIMS:

OneIMS specializes in customized, comprehensive digital marketing strategies with a results-oriented approach. Founded in 2006, OneIMS is a leader in the growing digital marketing industry offering search engine optimization (SEO) services, pay-per-click management (PPC), email marketing, social media management and more. Offering both traditional marketing and online marketing services, OneIMS works with businesses to achieve their maximum potential, both off-line and online. To learn more about OneIMS, visit or call 1-888-ONE-IMS-1.

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