Online Asset Partners Expands to Affordable Warmth Grants in UK

(PRWEB UK) 23 March 2013

In the International Marketplace, it takes a comprehensive and expert approach to become a viable competitor. Online Asset Partners is doing this using the web for the website:

The site allows those looking apply free online, and find out if they are eligible for the Government Grant.

We are using a Two stage strategy for success including paid online search combined with comprehensive market research analysis and enhancing business value with ROI Joint Venture agreements. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the next step for the provision of long term of targeted prospects. We are using this to help our partners in the UK to confirm leads for the UK Government backed Affordable Warmth Initiative said David Cranwell, Strategy & Execution Specialist for Online Asset Partners

David went on to say: The Affordable Warmth is a UK Government initiative that helps service providers to install insulation and heating services through government grants and low cost funding options

The full marketing strategy has several components using the web as the central hub for marketing activities:

1. Google Adwords is the first part of this strategy. A carefully planned and executed Adwords campaign will bring qualified prospects to the website fast. It is a great way to jumpstart the presence and provides qualified leads to the UK partners. Online Asset Partners is a Google Certified Adwords Partner and has a large number of Google Adwords Qualified Professionals to ensure success in this area.

2. SEO This is a complex online process that is tailored to the business goals and growth needs. In the international market, this process is invaluable. While a big presence online is important initially, it is trust in the company that grows this presence, and good SEO does just that by building relevancy with Google and positioning the brand.

Online Asset Partners works with a limited amount of partners which requires a high level of integrity unmatched in the industry, including geographic and/or vertical exclusivity. In addition, you will receive an honest and thorough evaluation of your current online business status and joint partnerships proposals using existing assets owned by your company with a focus on the bottom line improvement based on real results.

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