Online Asset Partners Uses Expertise to Expand Snap Car Rentals Internationally

Auckland, New Zealand (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Digital marketing company Online Asset Partners has taken on the task of expanding the online presence of Snap Car Rental, a large and growing comprehensive car rental service in Auckland, New Zealand. The Auckland car rental company currently has rental offices at Auckland airport, the Bay of Islands and throughout New Zealand. Using a multi-pronged approach that includes SEO (search engine optimization,) Google Adwords campaigns and analytics, social media and more, Online Asset Partners is increasing Snap Car Rental’s online presence. The results are higher sales volume and greater brand recognition both domestically and internationally.

Expanding business during difficult economic times is a large task to accomplish, but Online Asset Partners has over a decade of internet marketing experience that has taught them what really matters online. One of the first steps in addressing Snap Car Rental’s online presence was to examine their search engine statistics. Known as search engine optimization (or SEO,) a business’ relevant standing in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can make or break them. This is particularly true in New Zealand where 86% of its residents are regular internet users.

To increase the number of relevant visitors to Snap Car Rental’s website, it was important that they were found on page one of major search engines. By integrating targeted keywords, terms customers type into search engines, into their web content, relevant visitor traffic grew. For example, Snap Car Rentals wanted to improve their presence as a viable Auckland Airport Car Rental company. Because small car rentals are big business at airports, one of the search terms they focused on was “Small Rental Car Auckland Airport Nz.” Although it may seem like a long search term, the inclusion of these “long-tail” keywords helps attract a smaller, niche market; visitors who are more likely to result in sales. Because many searchers use off grammar terms such as “Book Car Rental Auckland Airport,” these important terms also had to be integrated. Ranking higher for these terms meant the company saw steady growth in their super saver and economy vehicle lines.

To get to this point, Online Asset Partners developed a strategy based on the business goals of the New Zealand car rental company. The strategy included analyzing Snap Car Rental’s website, their competitor’s sites and the company’s overall internet presence. Increasing search engine traffic meant making their website more search engine friendly, adjusting or adding code behind the site and leveraging known Google algorithms to increasing traffic from relevant sources.

Increasing incoming traffic from high-ranking websites is vital to optimize success in today’s market. For this reason, Snap Car Rentals leverages the power of social media sites to increase presence, share news and special offers and increase the company’s loyal consumer base. Email marketing and Google Adwords campaigns were also developed. Both strategies have the power to exponentially and immediately increase sales. Regular email updates have the added advantage of building loyal long-term clients.

With the support of Online Asset Partners, Snap Car Rentals continues their international expansion while still offering top-notch service at home. To learn more about Snap Car Rentals today, visit their website or call:

Snap Rental Car

NZ 0800 545 000 int + 64 9 254 4397 AU 1800 141 850

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