Online Closed Circuit Camera Service Goes Live with New, Interactive Website

(PRWEB) April 11, 2013

Closed circuit cameras and television systems are popular with businesses and in the U.S., there are a few television programs who make heavy use of these special camera systems. Various programs depicit business owners who are loosing money to unscrupulous employees catching the thieves on closed circuit television cameras and camera systems.

Of course, this phenomenon is not strictly limited to the U.S. The Netherlands have similar problems with employer/employee relationships. To combat this problem, has been launched.

We are incredibly happy with both our new website and the opportunity we have to work with the Netherlands and Europe as a whole. Our website is featured in Dutch and English for the best of both worlds, said Simon van Rooij of is stocked with the latest and best of closed circuit television and camera systems. One feature they are specifically proud of is the integrated CCTV system; one that is notoriously difficult to install and manage.

We [] understand certain difficulties with CCTV systems and have staffed our company with expert customer service representatives who can answer any and all questions concerning your CCTV needs, van Rooij added.

All products with feature a 5 year SST warranty and some of the lowest prices in the business and on the Internet. also has green energy CCTV systems which work with solar, air and WiFi.

The world is trying to go greener and lower their carbon footprint. We are glad to help in any way that we can, van Rooij said.

VARIOUS PRODUCTS has the perfect camera system for anyone who is interested in closed circuit systems. From the highest end quality systems for outdoor and poorly lit areas to the crispest video for interior work.

We have robotically operated cameras such as you may see in a casino as well as top spy gear made famous by the U.K.s great James Bond as well as everything in between that you can imagine for CCTV systems, van Rooij said.


As more and more computers and computing systems are moving away from onsite storage of information and video, has a full line of wireless technologies that make disabling cameras and video nearly impossible.

Being able to video and backing it up off site is a major way to prevent theft and crime from occurring in your business and home. More and more companies are looking to this technology for liability protection as well. Contact us for more information about our wireless programs, van Rooij said.

OTHER ADVANTAGES was designed with Magento and have features hidden in the website with discounts and special prices for the installation organization. Those who have a tax free identification number or are tax exempt also can qualify for a tax-free order.

Contact us for more information on tax-free orders. Any charitable organization is eligible with appropriate documentation, van Rooij said.


As more and more people look to the future of CCTV and with looking to expand, there is a search for potential investors who would like to become a part of a quickly growing company with lots of excellent potential.

For additional information, to see examples of products or to place an order, visit

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