ONLINE CREATESHOP – Visual Journaling 2 – “From Wander to Wonder – Journey through the Labyrinth”

ONLINE CREATESHOP – Visual Journaling 2 – “From Wander to Wonder – Journey through the Labyrinth”
Event on 2015-11-28 10:00:00
This class is Yoga for the Mind.  It will meet you where you are and then twist you, turn you, stretch you, challenge you, love you, open you, and then remind you – who you are… This 12-Week Level 2 Course for Visual Journaling will be offered from September 5-December 5, 2015. We will focus on one thematic lesson a week for 3 months to explore the most commonly shared themes of anger, grief, forgiveness, courage, balance, addiction, health, self-love, relationships, career, success that each of us face as we journey forward on our own path.   Each Saturday, we will meet from 11am-1am via video conference call to work in groups or with pair/share assignments that focus on deep breathing introduction exercises and then move into cathartic journal writing and explore new visual journaling techniques. This class will also be recorded so you can have the option to download each course at your convenience if you prefer to not work with the group for any reason or if you have scheduling conflicts. A private Facebook Group will be created for this specific class. Most students have found the group to be a supportive environment and a significant benefit in the journaling process but joining the group is completely optional.  Please Note: An invitation from the course instructor is required to register for this course. However; if you feel that based on your experience in visual journaling, art, or writing that you may qualify for this course without the prerequisite of taking Visual Journaling I, you may email the instructor directly to request a brief review of your background at to determine the best course for you. Jenna Stone is a former high school teacher, a Fulbright Scholar, published author and digital artist, social media content creator, and a motivational speaker.  Links to connect with Jenna Stone:   Social Media:  LinkedIn Facebook Minds Twitter Pinterest Instagram Tumblr Website/Shops: Jenna Stone – Website Createshops Shop Jenna Stone – Cards, Clothes, Merchandise Email: Jenna Stone is currently offering "What Color Is Your Voice ©" CreateShops to assist individuals and groups of all sizes to create visual journals, vision boards, and also offers writing courses and social media courses. She also offers private hourly consultations for individuals who would like to improve their writing, social media/marketing, and tap into their creativity in a one-on-one environment.      

at Arizona State University
699 S Mill Ave
Tempe, United States

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