Online diamond jeweller,, announces a TV advertising campaign designed to reduce reliance on search engine position and pay-per-click

The Glorious Cotswolds (PRWEB UK) 10 October 2013 is a family business owned and run by the Billings, or Blings as Theo Paphitis wittily renamed them, they have been manufacturing diamond rings, jewellery and wedding rings since the late sixties and have been pure-play etailers for the last 13 years. The family were concerned and frustrated that their advertising and marketing was becoming limited to incessant S.E.O work and the 3 lines, just 95 characters which defines a Google adword combined of course with the mandatory flirtations with Social Media. wanted, needed to use an additional mainstream advertising medium which would allow them to project the style, values and culture of the brand and that, it was decided, meant television. is proud of its ethical openness with clients, its share-all principles and its refreshing approach in what can be a traditionally stuffy industry. So not for them the traditional soft focus, hearts-and-flowers, him on bended knee, the rotating diamond engagement ring, the soft romantic music with a deep come-to-bed voice over. Remarkably the T.V adverts do not feature jewellery, no close-ups of diamond rings and absolutely no cheese. The adverts are unashamedly aimed to motivate men and designed to get him reaching for the ipad, right there and then on the sofa.

Pay-per-click, paid position and prominent natural search engine listings remain of paramount importance to as a pure-play design and manufacturing diamond jewellery etailer. But as an advertising, sales and marketing vehicle, these services come without brake or clutch pedal, theres no slowing down, no stopping and lift the throttle and you risk losing market share and losing it instantly. You are not in control; you are taking the preverbal blunderbuss to market. There is no doubt that Googles Adwords is a powerful, essential tool but if you are paying

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