Online Local Search: SEO Experts Share Tips for Bars & Restaurants

Online Local Search: SEO Experts Share Tips for Bars & Restaurants
Event on 2015-04-28 10:30:00
Local Search 101: Basics for bar and restaurant owners to get seen online
Get smart about marketing your business online
Not sure where to start when it comes to marketing your business online? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing how you get more people to your website so you can attract more customers. Sounds good, but not sure where should you start?
Maximize your time and energy online by learning to work smarter (not harder). There are many touch-points for customers to find your business online – how do you manage them all? Do you spend time on Yelp? Do you strategize keywords? Do you keep Google places updated? All of these and more are ways you can make use of SEO!
It can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned experts to keep up with SEO. But there are simple things you can do to make sure people are getting the right info online about your business. Start thinking about cultivating an online community to help you do more and stay connected to your best customers and advocates.


Ramin Jahedi, Founder and CEO of OpticTour a Google Business View Trusted Agency and Restaurant Black Ops
Ramin has more than 20 years of practical experience at every level of the restaurant, hospitality and technology industry. His motto, and now company mission, is ‘to save and profit’ – a play on words borrowed from his previous careers in the military.
He brings deep expertise to operations management, strategic planning, project management, process improvement, sales, staff development and customer service. With his charismatic personality and natural ability to connect, Ramin is highly successful in building relationships with clients, other upper-level decision makers and vendor partners. As a result, he brings out the best in people to resolve challenges quickly and easily. His key gifts include the ability to identify and seize control of critical problem areas and his commitment to deliver on customer deliverables.
He really loves working with people is skilled at ensuring a safe and secure work environment with good morale, particularly by developing personal growth opportunities. His ability to laugh in the face of danger has carried him through life-threatening situations. He now shares the best of what he knows with his valued colleagues and clients.
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Nando Cabán-Méndez (a.k.a. @NandoJourneyman)
Nando is a marketing strategist and technologist, business systems geek, designer, developer, and serial entrepreneur. He specializes in practical, affordable local SEO and websites for small businesses. He's also a husband and father.
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Joey McGirr, CEO of McGirr Enterprises, a Small Business Social Media Solutions Provider.
Joey's team helps SMB's and professionals all across North America optimize their social media and creative marketing endeavors. Joey is a professional speaker and presented at TEDx Corpus Christi in 2012.
He's also the Organizer of several Meetup Groups. Joey co-hosts a podcast with Jon Schober called The Jon & Joe Show, where we talk about Leadership, Community and Other Random Musings. He's also a writer and blogs often. And he's a senior Course Designer for the Social City Dash, a City-Wide Social Media Themed Scavenger Hunt.
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Scott True
An entrepreneur that takes a radical approach to SEO. Scott strives to help other companies through earning their rankings rather than forcing them. He has five years of experience collaborating with and empowering businesses, improving their existing platform to increase visibility in Search. He is a founding board member for the Texas Freelance Association, founder and organizer of numerous meetups including – Austin SEO and MyRealtyU, and business owner of True Inbound.
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Paul O'Brien
In 2010, Paul O’Brien relocated to Austin from Silicon Valley where he had launched a series of startups in local search, crowdsourcing, web-based accounting, payments, and social intelligence. In Austin, O'Brien advises startups in growth and financing, and spends most of his time as the CMO of the Venture Capital firm MicroVentures.
Following work early in his career with Yahoo! and Hewlett-Packard, O’Brien brought Search industry expertise to startups such as (Sold to GoDaddy) and Zvents (sold to eBay’s Stubhub). That work is a reflection of Paul’s impact in e-commerce, marketing, and entrepreneurship. More than the business side, Paul has consulted with various web properties, designing and developing web sites, online communities, e-commerce stores, and web services, was featured in the book, Online Marketing Heroes, and writes prolifically at
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at Soma Vida
1210 Rosewood
Austin, United States

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