Online Marketing Company fishbat Analyzes the Changes Coming to Google Search

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) August 23, 2012

On August 23rd, 2012 online marketing company fishbat discussed the major changes that Matt Cutts, a search quality team member at Google, spoke about in his keynote address at an SES conference in San Francisco on August 15th.

Cutts reiterated that Google would still be taking a strong stance against purchasing links. Websites that are found to be selling links will be stripped of their PageRank. Cutts also dove further into the Knowledge Graph feature. The Knowledge Graph provides users with more than just website links; it provides them with information. This is a feature that Google will look to expand in the future.

Cutts also commented on the coming Penguin refresh and made it clear that the changes would not be minor. The Penguin refresh will have noticeable effects for those working in the SEO field, similar to what was seen when the Penguin update initially went into effect in April.

Sida Li, VP of Internal Operations at online marketing company fishbat, says, This new update has everyone on the edge of their seats. We know changes are coming very soon, but we dont quite know when. I anticipate seeing dramatic shifts in website rankings when the Penguin refresh finally sees the light of day. Whenever the change happens, we will be ready! We at fishbat have weathered many Google algorithm changes and our clients have prospered post these changes.

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