Online Marketing Company, fishbat, Comments on Big Name Brands That Dont Use Social Media

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) December 23, 2012

On December 23, fishbat comments on an article published on Mashable that reveals four major brand names that do not use conventional social media to advertise.

According to the Mashable article, the overwhelming majority of recognizable brands have some kind of Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account to supplement their advertising efforts and communicate with their customer base.

Marlboro is identified as one of the four brands that are mentioned as non-users of social media. Marlboro has been an icon of tobacco products before the advent of social media. However, the article suggests that the reason Marlboro may not take advantage of the benefits of social media is due to the risk getting caught in legal red tape. The article cites the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement as one of the largest possible obstacles. The article goes on to state that Viagra has no official account linked to Facebook or Twitter. Like Marlboro, the article eludes to Viagras hesitation due to FDA regulations.

Trader Joes and Apple were acknowledged as the other two brands that do not officially use social media. Unlike Marlboro and Viagra, Trader Joes and Apple offer products that have no real point of controversy. The article did not speculate on either of the brands lack of advertising but regarded them as successful despite not using social media.

Sida Li, VP of Internal Operations at online marketing company fishbat, made a comment with regard to not actively using social media. To see a famous brand not taking advantage of social media is truly fascinating, especially considering the massive following social media has. It puzzles me why a brand like Apple or Trader Joes wouldnt utilize social media but I have no doubt that benefits would follow if they did.

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