Online Marketing Company, fishbat, Comments On Facebooks Rumored Interest in WhatsApp?

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) December 21, 2012

On December 21, fishbat comments on an article posted by TechCrunch analyzing Facebooks rumored interest in purchasing the smartphone app WhatsApp?

According to the article published on TechCrunch, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been itching to go mobile for some time. TechCrunch quoted Zuckerberg in a Business Insider interview explaining that the next big is going mobile. He stated over 5 billion people have cell phones in the world today. For Facebook, thats four more billion users that he can gain from obtaining an efficient international messaging platform, reports the article.

Though Facebook already has its own mobile messaging app, acquiring WhatsApp? could open many doors. The article stated that in August of 2012, WhatsApp? was serving over 10 billion messages per day. According to the article, WhatsApp allows all smartphone users to communicate for free, even internationally. In addition, its also a paid app, meaning users can enjoy it for $ 0.99 without having to look at ads.

Justin Maas, VP of client relations at online marketing company fishbat, said, Although it is only rumored right now, it would make sense that Facebooks looking to buy one of the most popular messaging apps in the country because that means more users and more users equals more money. However, WhatsApp? prides itself on being ad-free, which Facebook is not. It will be interesting to see how the deal works out and if the app will change.

The article pointed out that Facebook received heaps of criticism in regards to its copious amount of advertising, but WhatsApp could possibly silence some of the backlash. For Facebook, securing WhatsApp would prove to be extremely bountiful for more than just business.

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