online-marketing-conversion-rate-optimisation-using-google-analytics-explained.m4v Online Marketing Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a process for improving your Return On Investment (ROI). It all starts with your prospective customer, experiencing a problem – that your product or service can solve. He or she may have seen your business in traditional marketing and advertising media – your ads on radio, TV, or newspapers – like the Galway Advertiser. They will visit your website and do a Google search. They will consult with their friends and business associates via online social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. They may arrive on the Home page of your website, but more likely they will land on one of your internal web pages, the page that Google has determined to be the most relevant to the keywords that they used in their search. They arrive via a “Click”. Each click does not translate into a visitor. But as long as you are consistent with using the same measurement across all the pages of your website to calculate your conversion rate, your statistics will be valid. Just make sure that you have some analytics software (I recommend Google analytics to measure the number of visitors, and the source of those visitors. The traffic sources will be a mixture of the following * Direct – people who typed in the url of your website * Referrals – people who arrive at your website from another website * Search Engine Traffic – Google, Yahoo and Bing * Email – if you have a mailing list for email marketing. Some
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