Online Marketing Firm Fishbat Comments on the Drawbacks of Donations in Social Media

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

On November 28, 2012, online marketing firm fishbat releases a statement after observing an article by that states charitable donations are down despite the new ability to donate through certain social media platforms. These social media platforms may have limits on contributions and the article states there are some things to consider when choosing who to donate through.

According to the article published by, [c]haritable giving has been slow to rebound since the downturn. However, the article explains that the channels to donate have expanded well into the realm of social media. As the article continues to state, consumers have the ability to donate through sites like Facebook or even from their iTunes account with just a few clicks. Some of the companies already involved include Oxfam America,, Boys & Girls Club of America and the American Red Cross, reports the article. continues by stating, social-media donations can have significant drawbacks. Many of the social-media sites set low maximums. Facebooks feature is set at $ 25. Wireless carriers, meanwhile, allow text donations of $ 5 to $ 50. This is only one of the many limits that may hinder your donation. The article proceeds by saying other sites may charge fees to process these transactions making your initial donation smaller than intended. This coupled with a possible maximum limit creates a large setback for cash donations.

[Online marketing firm fishbat believes these issues are serious for charities and consumers, but there are options to make your full donation count. VP of Client Relations at fishbat, Justin Maas comments, If you are looking to donate via social media platforms, try choosing a trusted site like Facebook or iTunes. This way, you are sure your full donation is going toward the charity of your choice. The current economic times are difficult, not to mention the looming fiscal cliff. It is important to make sure your cash is being used in the most efficient way possible.

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