Online Marketing Firm, fishbat, Inc., Affirms Importance of Social Media in Promoting Loyalty Programs

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

On January 2, fishbat, Inc., a leading online marketing firm, comments on an article published by TNooz which detailed the growing need for airlines to promote loyalty programs on social media outlets.

According to the article posted on TNooz, the more travelers are engaged in their airline booking experience, the more likely they are to rebook with the same company. Basically, airlines are trying to use social media to guide travelers through each step of the flight process, from the initial booking to in-flight perks to the landing and expected rebooking.

The article said some airlines have been effectively using this method. American Airlines has almost half a million Twitter followers and regularly replies to travelers, especially those whom encountered negative experiences.

On its Twitter page, the airline also gives followers useful information regarding their flight status or even a tutorial on how they de-ice their planes.

Justin Maas, Vice President of client relations at [online marketing firm fishbat, Inc., said when he travels, he likes to be in the know. Personally, I think it makes for a more comfortable experience when you know exactly what the airline does and how they do it, he said. I know Im not the only one that worries about flying, and American Airlines decision to share how they de-ice planes on Twitter makes me feel safer.

Maas said most companies, including airlines, should try to make experiences more personal by reaching out through social media. Not only does it make travelers feel like they are being taken care of, it also boosts an airlines outreach. People like to think that they are being thought of and they like to feel special, Maas said. Social media is the perfect way to do that. Customers should be rewarded for rebooking flights and sharing it on Facebook or checking-in to a terminal with Foursquare because its like free advertising for the airline.

Virgin Airlines has already implemented a mile-less reward program, according to the article. Travelers earned rewards when using Foursquare to check in to new locations within the airlines terminal. After checking in, the travelers received redeemable prizes and special badges to put on their Foursquare profiles.

Virgin Airlines has the right idea and I think travelers would be more inclined to fly with them due to their social media rewards, Maas said. I advise more airlines, or even other companies with rewards programs, to follow suit.

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