Online Marketing Firm fishbat, Inc. Gets a Rising out of Social Media Movie Marketing

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) March 26, 2013

On March 26, 2013, online marketing firm fishbat, Inc. acknowledges the social media marketing success of the Girl Rising production. Girl Rising is a new documentary depicting the lives of nine girls from developing countries and their plight in pursuing an education.

The productions marketing was done solely with social media. According to The Daily Beast, the producers of Girl Rising, concluded that they would circumvent the traditional route of theater distribution and rely instead on social-media toolsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedInto drive their message and build a community.

Girl Rising has more than 245,000 fans on Facebook, and will open next week to more than 500 screenings nationwide with some 32,000 tickets pre-reserved, reports The Daily Beast.

In todays world if you can get your message out early enough, you can find your super-fan, says Holly Gordon, executive producer,

According to The Daily Beast, theaters were booked through the site, where anyone can sign up and reserve a movie theater near them with the proviso they get a hundred friends to agree to come.

Sort of like having a party in someone elses theater, says Gordon.

To avoid the high costs of traditional marketing that most blockbuster films utilize and which overshadow smaller productions like Girl Rising, Gordon says that using social marketing, which is almost free, felt all along that were striking new ground.

We look forward to seeing how Girl Rising will do in the box office, comments fishbat COO Scott Darrohn. Using only one form of advertising can have an adverse effect to the successes Girl Rising has had thus far. If Girl Rising has a significant impact on the box office, rest assured you will see other small venues follow suit. Since the producers of the film struck out on their own with this tactic, it’s something that every online marketing firm should be monitoring closely. Their success with this strategy could affect the future of our business.

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