Online Marketing Firm, fishbat, Inc., Unveils Video Press Release about Facebooks Hacktober

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) December 16, 2012

On December 16, 2012, online marketing company fishbat, Inc. launched a new video press release discussing Facebooks recent Hacktober event, an awareness-raising campaign devoted to improving the sites security.

In the latest edition of fishbat Inc.s video press release series fishbat Splash, host and COO of online marketing firm fishbat Scott Darrohn spoke about Facebook’s second annual Hacktober, a month-long exercise during which Facebook “attacks” staff computers with a series of simulated security threats in order to teach employees about cyber security.

Since Facebook was founded and is still operated by hackers, it seemed only fitting for them to hack their own staff, right? Darrohn points out. Directors launched a worm or virus of some sort that looked like a fake Facebook news story to show how quickly spam can spread. The threats targeted specific groups of staffers, and were based on real-life threats that Facebook encounters day-to-day. After setting these cyber traps, the Facebook engineers watched and waited. The exercise is designed to test the vigilance of the staffers in charge of removing spam and security threats. After the exercise, the hacks were revealed.

Facebook employees who successfully identified the spam and other manufactured threats were rewarded. Those who werent as successful were put through additional training. The exercise is designed to keep staffers on their toes and keep their knowledge honed. Security Director Ryan McGeehan said the event was a success because most staff members reported and terminated the spam, says Darrohn. By providing a gentle “scare” tactic to raise awareness about cyber security, the Hacktober event proved a useful lesson in proactive security measures for the entire online community.

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