Online Marketing Firm fishbat Releases Video Blog on Social Media Jeans

Bohemia, N.Y. (PRWEB) January 15, 2013

On January 15, fishbat releases a new episode of their video blog, Making Waves, which discusses social denim. These are jeans with a blue tooth transmitter device that connects to your phone and allows you to update your location and mood to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Thats right, updating your status directly through your pants. In the video, fishbat, an online marketing firm, ponders the necessity of these jeans, which are made by an Italian-based company called Replay (and can run up to $ 260, according to an article from Mashable). The video poses the question, has social media gone too far once it reaches your wardrobe?

The video compares the jeans to the badges from Star Trek that characters used to communicate with each other. A valid comparison, but there are many scenarios where this particular piece of technology can go wrong and the video doesnt spare playing one out for us.

Adding the issue of washing the jeans before removing the blue tooth device along with the trouble of suffering workplace relationships due to social media, the video plays out in a comically truthful way a potential problem with these jeans. The video brings up a good point. Does everyone really need to be aware of your mood and location, all the time?

With the rise in Internet marketing and social media, it seems like everyones personal business is flooding the Internet. While most of us love the world of social networking, maybe the one thing we can take from the video is that theres a limit to how much we should be sharing.

fishbat, Inc. is a full service online marketing firm. Through social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, and public relations, fishbat strives as a marketing firm to raise awareness about your brand and strengthen your corporate image.


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