Online Marketing for Wellness Professionals

Online Marketing for Wellness Professionals
Event on 2013-11-05 13:30:00

You’re invite to a series of six classes that will cover the nuts and bolts of . . .


6 Tuesdays (11/5-12/17)

1:30-3:00 pm

Kenton Masonic Temple

8130 N Denver Ave, Portland, OR 97217

ARE YOU GOOD AT HEALING BUT WANT TO LEARN ABOUT ONLINE MARKETING? So many wellness professionals are very good at their professional craft, but did not receive training and professional support for using new online and and social media marketing tools to help your ideal clients find you and get to know you.  In this Online Marketing Course you will learn the important theories and practices of effective online marketing tailored to the wellness mission, privacy concerns, and very busy schedules of wellness professionals.  

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN:  In this class you’ll learn how to:

* CORE BUSINESS CASE:  summarize your business into an “elevator speech” that

* defines who your target audience is,

* what needs you most want to help them with,

* how you want to help, and

* why your approach is a better value (cheaper, faster, &/or more effective)

* what your core values are

* BLOG WEBSITE AS ONLINE HUB:  use online publishing (blogging) as a way to help potential clients solve problems and learn about you and your approach.  

* HOW TO SET UP A GREAT WORDPRESS WEBSITE: quickly and easily set up a blog website, and

* HOW TO CREATE CONTENT that motivates action & connection

* SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION/PUBLISHING:  publish your content on social media (like facebook, twitter, Reddit) and manage your online reputation on Yelp, Google Places, etc.

* USE SOCIAL MEDIA EFFICIENTLY:  set up a facebook business page, create great content consistently, and generate lots of likes and leads who actually contact you to schedule an appointment (and become satisfied clients who refer their friends to you)

* PROMOTE EVENTS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA & EMAIL:  setting up an echo chamber for your target audience so they hear about your events/classes in multiple ways on facebook and through targeted email communication

DO YOU WANT TO LEARN IN A COMMUNITY OF COLLEAGUES DEDICATED TO INTEGRITY, EFFICIENCY & TEAM LEARNING?  In this class, you’ll learn with a community of other wellness professionals who will help one another learn and implement practices in the very heart-centered, professional context you want to maintain as you move into online problem-solving for your potential clients.  At the end of the day, great marketing for wellness professionals must be an act of service for potential clients — helping them to learn about options that will solve their real-world wellness challenges affordably and reliably.

INSTRUCTORS:  The first four classes will be taught by:

* DALE PALILEO, is a long-time website developer who specializes in helping Portland area welness professionals learn how to use online marketing to help their clients find you, get solutions through solid online published blog articles, get to know you, and in the process develop an on-going professional relationship that will generate lots of powerful referrals.

The last two classes will be taught by * KARY YOUMAN has worked with artists and wellness professionals to develop social media marketing campaigns for several years, worked as a Social Media Producer & Consultant for Paradox Box Productions, developed and implemented curriculum as Media Instructor for Wide Angle Community Media’s youth video production/critical thinking courses.  He is passionate about helping wellness professionals learn how to tell stories online that will inspire people to heal.

COURSE TOPICS & DATES:  Here are the dates and short topics for each class (the specific curriculum bullets & course locations are listed below):

* Class 1 (11/5/13): Online Marketing 101 for Wellness Professionals

* Class 2 (11/12/13): How to set up a WordPress Website

* Class 3 (11/19/13): Supercharging Your WordPress Website (Apps & Plugin) & Search Engine Optimization

* Class 4 (12/3/13): Social Media Integration with your Website & Online Reputation Optimization & Management

* Class 5 (12/10/13): Optimizing Your Business Facebook Page

* Class 6 (12/17/13): Promoting Events on Facebook

You can attend any of the classes separately, and you will get much more out of them if you attend them all in order, as the information builds on previous information for each class.  


* /class if you prepay online for a 5-class pass

* /class if you pre-pay online for two people (bring a friend)

* /class if you prepay for each class online

* /class if you pay at the door

We accept cash, checks, MasterCard & Visa debit or credit cards, American Express, and Discover.

If you miss a class, you can pay to get the notes from that class.


CLASS 1 (11/5):  Online Marketing 101 for Wellness Professionals

Time:  1:30-3:00 pm

Instructor: Dale Palileo, Website Developer & Online Marketing Consultant


* CLARIFYING YOUR CORE BUSINESS PROPOSITION:  What is the focus of your business:  

  1. TARGET AUDIENCE:  Who do you most want to work with as clients (target audience demographics and psychographics)?

  2. NEED/CHALLENGE:  What need(s) or challenge(s) do you want to help your target audience to meet?

  3. HOW:  What skills, knowledge, and techniques will you use to help your target audience meet their need?

  4. WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS:  In relation to the other strategies your target audience is already using or could use to try to meet their need(s), how is what you offer better, cheaper, faster, &/or a better value?

* CHANNELS:  Is your target audience online, and if so how do they seek solutions for the needs/challenges you’ve identified?  google, facebook, yelp?  who are the local opinion leaders they trust?

* ONLINE PUBLISHING:  Using Online Publishing as a way to Help Potential Clients solve their problems & get to know you & your approach

* BLOGGING as a Hub for your Online Marketing Strategy

* WORDPRESS:  Costs & Benefits of WordPress Websites

CLASS 2 (11/12):  How to set up a WordPress Website

Time:  1:30-3:00 pm


Dale Palileo, Website Developer & Online Marketing Consultant


* Do you have your own website or use a wordpress url?

* How do you find a template?

* How do you tailor a template to your vision

CLASS 3 (11/19):  Supercharging Your WordPress Website (Apps & Plugin) & Search Engine Optimization

Instructor: Dale Palileo, Website Developer & Online Marketing Consultant


Apps and Plugins

  • Basic plugins to make your website intuitive, useful and interactive

  • Dale’s other favorite plugins

  • How to install plugins

  • Paid vs free plugins – Pros and cons

  • Plugin updates and other maintenance issues

Search Engine Optimization Primer

  • What is Search Engine Optimization?

  • Content is King: why producing content is your most important tool

  • How to produce great and engaging content

  • How to generate useful inbound links to your website

  • Why reciprocal links are useless

  • Importance of Local Search

CLASS 4 (12/3): Social Media Integration, Online Reputation Management and Measuring Success, Measuring Your Results

Instructor: Dale Palileo, Website Developer & Online Marketing Consultant


Social Media Integration

  • Which social media sites will give you the best return on time investment

  • Creating your community

  • Content Syndication

Online Reputation Management:

  • What is Online Reputation Management?

  • Tools of the trade

  • How to respond to bad reviews and comments

  • Other management techniques

Measuring Your Success

  • Google Analytics

  • How to install Google Analytics on your website

  • Interpreting analytics data

CLASS 5 (12/10):  Optimizing Your Business Facebook Page

* How do you set it up efficiently

* How to you consistently create useful content

* How do you get the right people to like your page

* How do you turn followers into customers

CLASS 6 (12/17):  Promoting Events on Facebook & through targeted Email Lists

* Defining Your Target Audience for your event

* Creating an Echo Chamber of messages to reach your target audience

* Liking Allied Organizations & adding value to those communities

* Encouraging & Incentivizing people to spread the word about your event

* Personal FB Messaging, Phone Calls, & Personal Email Invites (the gold standard for event invitations)

at Kenton Masonic Lodge
8130 N Denver Ave
Portland, United States

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