10 Replies to “Online Marketing How To Make Money – The School of Internet Marketing 3,400 Successful Students”

  1. Hi Dan! Great introduction. One of today’s new rules of the workplace is that you have to keep “learning, and learning, and learning”. The School of Internet Marketing is a great way to learn from qualified and experienced instructors everything to do with digital marketing.

  2. Dan, In one minute and 37 seconds, you give a great overview of why someone should take the tour. The School of Internet Marketing is first class all the way.

  3. Youtube recently introduced external linking in annotations. You can only link link to an external site you own and that is approved by YouTube.

  4. Great to see you all expand to the online marketing school. I wish you all the success with the new school. Nice video. How did you get the words at the end of the video Hyperlink to your site?

  5. I joined James Martell when I bought his Affiliate Marketers Handbook in 2006 and then took several of his courses. What attracted me was his down to earth style of “yes you can make it online but it will take hard work” unlike many of the marketers back then who were offering riches in just days. That is why I have stuck around tutoring students and helping them succeed since 2009.

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