Online Marketing, Website Design and More with Chad Ever

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10 Responses to Online Marketing, Website Design and More with Chad Ever

  1. Chunky M says:

    Great video!!!

  2. Chad Ever says:

    Thank you everyone for tuning in! I hope you learned some valuable information!

  3. Michelle Wald says:

    you tube live? great video quality.

  4. Pete Whitridge says:

    ;-> Awesome! On the school award! Ryan be sure to let Chad that we’re doing something in 2015 in the Winter! P>

  5. Tara Schwagmeyer says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all the info and tips! Thank you.

  6. Tara Schwagmeyer says:

    To “pay someone” to create a website for me.

  7. Pete Whitridge says:

    Written blog or video blog?

  8. Pete Whitridge says:

    Oh Chad! Not for me silly! For the old ladies of our field who say, “I don’t do email!”. P>

  9. Tara Schwagmeyer says:

    To add onto Petes question….whats an average cost for creating a website? I have used sitebuilder through yahoo for ever, is it too old? time to change?

  10. Pete Whitridge says:

    Chad – how do you get “old/mature” therapists to start using technology in their businesses? P>

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